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SEAS: A New Chapter In An Old Novel

Well, as everyone knows, SEAS is under new management. The question that presents is whether the new management is the same as the old management. The jury is out on that. What Foreclosurepedia does know is that Brittany McDonald is in for a challenging experience to say the least. The sale of SEAS has been a project underway for several weeks now and was formally confirmed to Foreclosurepedia earlier yesterday. Here, take a read below from SEAS or, in the alternative, simply take a gander across Facebook,

Good Afternoon,

We are happy to announce the new ownership of Southeastern Asset Services LLC. As of March 6th, 2015, Brittany McDonald took sole ownership of the company.

Who is Brittany McDonald?

First of all, Brittany McDonald has a vast knowledge of the industry. She started working in the field for a preservation company in 2009. She was then able to start her own Property Preservation Company in 2010, while going to school full time. She then was offered a position as a preservation coordinator for Southeastern Asset Services LLC in August, 2010. Shortly after joining the team, Brittany was offered a position as an Account Manager. With having a background in the industry, she traveled state to state to meet with contractors for onsite training and conducting quality control on numerous of properties. Brittany was able to establish a good relationship with both the contractors as well as the clients.  In 2011, Brittany was promoted to Chief of Operations and maintained a good relationship with SEAS customers and clients. She dedicated her time and efforts into growing the business as much as she could in the position she was in. Because of her past experiences, Brittany understands the struggles each contractor is faced with on a daily basis, and is able to resolve issues that may arise.

What changes can we expect?

  • Owner is available for any of your questions or concerns during office hours
  • Better communication throughout the company to ensure we are providing quality assistance to our contractors
  • On-site training
  • Webinar Training
  • Reorganizing Accounting Department

We are diligently working on some of the known issues that we have had in the past, and working on preventing them from happening in the future. We ask you to be patient and to work with us through the transition.

Thank you


Director Of Operations

So, the one thing that was missing from this statement; the one thing which was so blatantly missing from the amateur Press Release, was a statement pertaining to the hundreds of thousands of dollars owed to Labor. I mean the reality is that if you are a sole proprietor taking over the reigns of a Firm under siege, common sense would have been to contract a media professional to promulgate a legitimate Press Release. Any first year Communications Major would have had the sense to address the fact if you owe nearly a million dollars and are the purchaser of the Firm with no documentable monetary assets, then a plausible statement with respect to making Members of Labor whole would have been prudent.

I am going to hold off judgement for just a little while. Why? Well, McDonald’s ISTAR Database File aside, I do not know precisely what her Agenda is. Foreclosurepedia has spoken with high level SEAS officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, whom have stated that addressing Labor’s concerns are their number one priority. With this said, Foreclosurepedia invites SEAS to sit down at the Round Table on a Foreclosurepedia Podcast and calm the turbulent waters between Labor and Management.

Foreclosurepedia will open up the Podcast Lines tomorrow for the first of its kind event in the Mortgage Field Services Industry. Tomorrow, we will release a Conference Call line for people to call in on and discuss their issues pertaining to SEAS. Never before has this happened; never before has the technological ability been available to allow people all over the world to join a live forum to discuss Industry issues and to have that then simultaneously stream over the internet, Amazon Servers, iTunes and YouTube. As usual, Foreclosurepedia is trailblazing in the same way we did when we were the first to introduce a dedicated website to Labor; the first to introduce a dedicated forum for Labor in Social Media; and the first and only to dedicate Podcasting to Labor FREE OF CHARGE! Foreclosurepedia is imitated by all and rivaled by none! We are a Friend of Labor!

Foreclosurepedia invites everyone to come to our website tomorrow at 1000EDT to obtain the Conference Call Number. The call may last ten minutes or ten hours — regardless, it will air. We additionally invite Eric Miller, Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) to join us and explain precisely how it is that tens of millions of dollars have been stolen from Labor. Do we think that it is NAMFS’ job to adjudicate debt? No. We believe there is both a legal and ethical obligation for NAMFS to hold its Membership accountable in accordance with its By Laws. So strongly does Foreclosurepedia feel that in addition to the ongoing Internal Revenue Service (IRS) 13909 Complaint we filed and is under investigation, we are going to file an additional Complaint Monday Morning when we are in Washington, DC. We will also hand deliver copies of this to Capital Hill — Mr Miller, you know I am not bluffing.

Will SEAS weather the storm under new Management? I do not know. Will SEAS make good and pay Labor that which it has owed for months now? That I do not know, either. What I do know is that unless and until SEAS; unless and until Brittany McDonald, addresses Labor, there can be no peace. If there is no peace, the Portfolio Holders will potentially retreat from the unrest. Foreclosurepedia is willing to bind to a set of questions and not deviate from such. It is time to put to rest this portion of #NAMFSgate once and for all! Reach out TODAY to SEAS and voice your opinion that the Foreclosurepedia Podcast is the venue to display Management’s veracity and commitment to partner with Labor!


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