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Safeguard Wrecks Another Life: When Do They Get It?

How do you mistake a barn for a house?  Well, if you hire Crackheads off Craigslist it’s pretty damn easy; you get what you pay for.  Safeguard recently sent out a crew of, quite obviously, inept idiots (I can’t use the word Contractors here because they couldn’t have been) and the results were typical of the price point they are paying.  In a Huffington Post article, Diane Fusco, Safeguard’s spokesperson stated,

Last year, Safeguard performed more than 14 million work orders on properties across the country. Instances of error are rare. When they do occur, we recognize that they are very personal to the parties affected, and we work to resolve them as quickly as possible.

That is of little comfort to the victims — and they ARE victims of criminal acts — whom have been violated.  Let me be a little more frank here.  These folks have been raped!  Not onlyJaffa the King are the perpetrators of these breaking and entering crimes allowed to walk free, they are doing it AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN!  In most legal worlds this is called recidivism.  In Safeguard’s world this is called unfortunate.

Safeguard’s latest recruitment of crackheads — ahem, new contractors — has reaped what has been sown.  In one study, Huffington Post reported on FIFTY lawsuits pending against Safeguard and LPS alone!

“They need to be completely damn sure that the property is vacant,” said Richard Fersch, the sergeant in charge of foreclosures in the Allegheny County, Pa., Sheriff’s Office.

Fersch fields about one complaint a week from homeowners who return home to discover new locks on their doors. “But for some reason when these contractors ride by residences and don’t see anyone home, they just jump the gun and change the locks. They even lock pets inside.”

This is a systemic problem.  Russ Klein’s position on training is pure and unadulterated bullshit!  There is a pool of highly trained and professional Contractors available to Safeguard.  As a matter of fact, Safeguard refuses to ever use them as it cuts into their Profit Margin!  The same obscene Profit Margin that recently allowed the Robert and Ita Klein Foundation to donate ONE POINT FIVE MILLION DOLLARS to a pet cause of theirs!  Even more sickening is that they sent the money out of their own town; their own state to Long Island, NY.  Here’s the kicker:

They send 1.5 MILLION dollars to an area with a 77.7% Caucasian density, average six figure household income and with less than 5.2 percent POVERTY rate!  The average value of the homes in the area they selected was right at HALF A MILLION DOLLARS with over 81 percent of the population OWNING their own homes!

Gotta keep the money in the Family Business as Amir Jaffa calls it.

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