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Safeguard Properties: The Markhams Demand Justice

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Another Contractor’s Family Ruined By Safeguard Properties

My name is Robert Markham and for those who don’t know the housing crisis in this country is in a great deal of disarray at the moment and has been for quite sometime. Safeguard Properties a Cleveland based company out of Ohio acts as the middle man for various banks and hires contractors to do the work on the homes.

We as former contractors of hired by Safeguard Properties only done the work that Safeguard specified that we do. We understand that just as in any profession there are a few bad apples who take take advantage of the situation and we have recently learned due to the heavy campagain on Facebook via the “Anti-Safeguard Properties” web page, and the ongoing investigation and the current lawsuit ongoing in Illinois against Safeguard Properties it has become apparent that instead of the banks and the corporation at fault taking responsibility they have decided to place all of the blame on the contractors who as a whole were not at fault.

Only a few contractors took advantage most of us, are and were hard working people just trying to earn an honest living from a corrupt corporation who has not so honest.

We demand justice and we demand that all employees who formerly worked for Safeguard be paid for all the work that they done, but were not compensated for due to various changing rules and regulations that they basically made up as they went along. I have never seen as much beauracracy in all of my life as what was witnessed trying to earn a paycheck as a contractor for this company.

We also demand that the homeowners be made whole and given back their properties that were requested to be removed and disposed of by Safeguard Properties, as well as the banks who employee Safeguard Properties. It’s time for change and justice from this situation. Both the contractors and homeowners have lost nearly everything from this company and said banks. Time to come clean!

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.



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