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Safeguard Properties: At Least Their Payments Are On Time

We try to report both sides of any story we profile on our Site.  Recently, we received our first check from Safeguard Properties.  While they still deducted their multitude of $50 deductions, all within the first week and a half of training, they did transmit the check ahead of schedule.  The first check arrived here in about 34 days.  The second check seemed to track a week later.  It would appear that the cycle works that your first check is issued within 30 days and then weekly thereafter.

A notification is transmitted; Thursdays for us, and we receive the checks on Monday.

So, while on the one hand we absolutely despise the manner in which they implement their work orders; completely challenge the legality of altering of our bids and demands to fulfill them; challenge the morality of Inspectors sent from Out-of-State whom enter incorrect entries on Quality Control Issues and refuse to alter them; and overall submit that our opinion is that Safeguard Properties has finally eclipsed the Bell Shape Curve of being capable of managing their albatross of a Company we will say that our pay was on time and reflected that which they stated they were sending to us.

I honestly believe that as the Industry reflects back upon this Dark Time within the Industry that many people, financial institutions included, will question the logic involved in creating such a monopoly in power.  The reality is that while outfits like NAMFS refuses to even open their mouths and even mid level Nationals cower in fear, Safeguard Properties could have been reigned in.

In my opinion lives and businesses have been destroyed by Safeguard Properties and the Industry stands by in both fear and silence much like the Germans did during World War II.

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