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Ron Staley: An IMMEDIATE ALERT On Verde Building Solutions

Ron Staley Jr. is the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Verde Building Solutions (VBS). VBS is based out of Charlotte, NC. Staley’s LinkedIn Profile likes to pretend that Verde Building Solutions originates in Charlotte, NC; however, this is not the truth. In fact, VBS is a foreign corporation in North Carolina as VBS originates out of South Carolina and still exists there to this day. Staley also owns another firm known as Tri City Investments, LLC. 3938 Farrow RD Columbia, SC, seems to be a popular address as Hawthorne Homes is also based at the same address. Their website, is now defunct. In North Carolina, Staley actually has several other Firms. So, we have Verde Building Solutions Incorporated, Verde Homes LLC and Smart Investor Incorporated.


Staley’s Amazon Wish List of books is most telling. Construction, Mortgage Loans, Real Estate Development, Mark Up and Profit — on and on like amateur hour. Here, let me let you read what a Contractor had to say in October, 2014,

This company basically request you perform property preservation work for them, will ask you to travel upto 90 miles from your location to perform work and not even offer to assist in gas expense. We removed  70 cubic yards of debri from a property in Gaffney for them i basically had to wait 3 months to get a response on when we would get paid for doing the job.  Finally we got an email stating they had found error and they were going to submit payment. The following day i get a email from the owner Ron Stanley stating we had gone to a property over 3 months ago and we had not reported a missing AC unit  so we would have to install a new ac unit  for free. What a coincidence  all of a sudden they find errors as to not have to pay me. This is the way they treat their contractors they only care about making money and will send you a bible verse every once in a while in emails so that you think they are God fearing christians. Believe me these people are scum i lost a lot of money. I hope this helps in preventing someone else who is trying to put bread on the table  end up working for these jokers. Just to show you how professional they are i received a call from one of their office reps requesting help to complete a work order she spoke broken english i think they are from the Filipines and could even here rooster in the back ground not sure if she was at home or on a farm. BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE

Ron Staley and his cronies have unwittingly squared off against some uncompromising opponents. First, Staley has fucked one of my Clients and now will be front page news for weeks. Foreclosurepedia has already begun assisting with the filing of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Complaints against Staley and his Clients. Liens are coming, make no mistake. Personally, I believe it is racially motivated as I have spoken with Staley in the past. In full disclosure, Staley attempted to hire me in January, 2014. I turned down his advances. Staley has also been loosing Contractors to other larger firms. I will soon be in possession of all of those Excel files as the Mortgage Field Services Industry is slowly, but surely, changing. Intelligence is now being both centralized and shared. Foreclosurepedia, while like Rush Limbaugh in that we are hated by many and listened to by all, has been accepted as a necessary evil.

What I will say is that Ron Staley Jr will be on life support with specificity to financial solvency after #OpStaley is finished.

Ron Staley joins a long and distinguished list of NAMFS Regime Offender Members and Non Members whom are refusing to pay Contractors. I am gravely concerned that as we enter into a guaranteed downswing in the economy; that as families are forced to choose between feeding their children and cutting the next lawn in hopes they will one day be paid, that the boundaries of civility will ultimately be pushed to their limit. Eric Miller, the ONE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN DOLLAR A YEAR NAMFS Regime Talking Head whose salary consumes over SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL MEMBER DUES and continues to violate federal law should be taking the lead. Instead, he and Adriana Farelo-Fernandez are simply reinforcing that they both refuse to ever allow a legal and legitimate Mortgage Field Services Industry to exist lest they would be knee deep in Ethics Investigations.

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.



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