Remote Processing: We Predicted It A Year And A Half Ago

#Foreclosurepedia began discussing the fact that the typical brick and mortar Firms within the Mortgage Field Services Industry would eventually become a thing of the past. Truth be known, I have ushered in both Processors and Firms whom use the Remote Processors for over a year now. Forever and a day, now, the Industry has balked at the concept; Six Sigma Lean and Mean, just didn’t seem to make sense to the vast majority of the National, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills. The hard copy of National Mortgage News, 23 March 2015, Vol. 39, No. 22, documented the fact that the Mortgage Servicers, though, are catching on and doing such at a very rapid pace as seen below,

Brad Finkelstein wrote an Article entitled Underwriters Move from the Back Office to Home Office. In a nutshell, Finkelstein discusses Embrace Home Loans and tracks Michelle Baker, whom is a Remote – Telecommuting Employee. Baker lives 25 miles away from the Embrace office in Maitland, FL, which is a suburb of Orlando.

Baker states, “Not only has it saved me fuel and the wear and tear on my vehicle, I love not having to commute. I find I am actually more productive from home.”  — Quote from Finkelstein’s Article.

David Zugheri, the co founder of Envoy Mortgage, stated as follows in Finkelstein’s article,

“We would rather have someone that is more qualified but works remote rather than someone who is less qualified but lives a block away from the office.”

Across the board, the internal metrics showed “…output, productivity and job satisfaction were all higher for people working from home… [.]” The reality is that while the Industry follows trends which are generally outdated, Foreclosurepedia actually sets the trends. We were the first to predict the Background Checks; the mergers; the #Fraudsters and where they would strike next; and now the Domestic Remote Processors. While stalwart National Order Mills will always require a brick and mortar infrastructure, the mavericks whom begin to take command and control of the Industry will go Remote.

For over a year, Foreclosurepedia has spent time both living with and observing how the Remote Setting works. We have established measurable metrics based upon those whom we monitored. Bar none, Foreclosurepedia has set the Benchmark with respect to how today’s Firms seamlessly move from brick and mortar to Remote. The ISTAR Clear Base is but one example of how Foreclosurepedia has begun to compartmentalize information and distribute a robust and accurate One Stop Shop for the Industry today.

If you have a need for Remote Processors, Recruiters or otherwise, Contact Foreclosurepedia TODAY as we have the largest database on earth! The reality is that not all Remote Processors are the same. The ability to track where they have been in the past and verify both ethics, social media background profiles and work habit are mandatory in a Dodd – Frank Regulatory Environment. ISTAR Clear Base does that so you don’t have to! And with respect to coding, regardless of what the processing kid says on Facebook, the reality is that you get what you pay for!  😉


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