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REAMS LLC Georgia RAILS Confidential

The REAMS LLC story is yet to come; I am merely charting the course of how REAMS LLC got in a bad position. Word from our Source is that it was a veritable Sodom. Daughters in the office pregnant, hiring illegal aliens and felons all while running the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) M&M 3.0 Contract for Innotion. This dox drop is the first in about 3 terabytes of data we have amassed with respect to REAMS LLC and many other Order Mills. Will Milling ought to be proud! If you are working for or considering working with REAMS LLC I would recommend you see a psychiatrist.

Foreclosurepedia has never been wrong with respect to the Firms we point out. We have never been unable to get Contractors paid either. This is one of those occasions wherein you need to avoid REAMS LLC like the plague.

This Document is Critical in the establishment of whom did what. At the end of the day it will ultimately be in front of a State Attorney General. We will get the comprehensive sordid Article out over the next week or so.

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