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Progress Residential Making Moves In Rental Sector

Progress Residential Kicks Into Gear In The Southeast

After a sweeping 40K+ purchase of assets coming through 2021, Progress Residential has been moving their assets to market. As many in the Industry know, simply buying the assets isn’t the only thing required and often is the easy part. The need to quantify the repairs necessary and the continued tenant maintenance and turns is always part and parcel a component of the portfolio. To that point, over the past several months, Foreclosurepedia has been speaking with contractors whom have been happy with working on Progress Residential assets in the Atlanta area specifically and other geographic areas.

Progress Residential may be an option for Industry firms whom have grown weary of the $3 inspections offered by NAMFS members. If you are one of those, you may want to take a look at Progress Residential today and make that transition away from the 60+ days for payment and $3 inspections.


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