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Labor Called Out For Inaccurate Bookkeeping

ZVN Properties Exonerated On Labor Allegations Of No Pay

Retractions are rare at Foreclosurepedia, but when they are needed, we post them. We have been covering a series of unrelated events at ZVN Properties with a former matter pertaining to a recent hire and the latter dealing with a complaint by Labor lodged for alleged lack of pay. It is the latter that we want to address. Foreclosurepedia was carbon copied into a series of emails between ZVN staff and Labor several days ago. And while ZVN remained silent, Labor took the opportunity to press forward on a singular allegation of lack of pay. At the time of publication no reply was forthcoming from mid level management and accordingly, the article was written.

After reaching out to ZVN Senior Management, Foreclosurepedia was able to determine that, in fact, Labor had been paid. To that point, the Contractor retracted his allegations and went further to issue a written apology to ZVN and those in the email chain in which Foreclosurepedia was placed in.

Out of an abundance of caution, Foreclosurepedia has elected to remove the entirety of the article as we feel it would pose a disservice to the Foreclosurepedia Nation, not based upon the inaccuracy at the time of posting, but rather based upon new information which has been obtained. While other news outlets have a tendency to retain an article and simply post a retraction, Foreclosurepedia took the time to speak with Senior ZVN Management and we both agree that the article, itself, poses no benefit even from a historical point should redactions have occurred.

Paul Williams
Paul Williams
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