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Powerpedia: Tracking Corruption In Chile

The use of technology to track corruption within the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) has always been at the forefront of Foreclosurepedia’s Strategy. Now, thanks to a grant from the Knight Foundation, a new website, Poderpedia (Powerpedia in English), is tracking the rampant corruption and conflicts of interest amongst politicians in Chile.

Drawing upon the same Open Source type technology, Poderpedia is beginning to illustrate the interconnectedness of corruption and politicians. As shown below, Foreclosurepedia was the first Media Outlet to show possible connections between PK Management and a series of familial connections within the Mortgage Field Services Industry. The dangers involved range the gambit from inappropriate bidding upon Contracts to the use of potential Straw Bidders to dilute down both bids within the Industry and possible kickback schemes.

HUD 3.5 Low Down

Folks, when we really begin to drill down on the most recent Lender Processing Services scandal with the Awards to Dorpat and the potential kickbacks vis-a-vis the Aspen Grove Background Checks, the NAMFS Regime is going to be on the run permanently.

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