Podcast On Lambert And Mathis Welcomed Back To The Preservation Industry

Jason Mathis and Brandon Lambert, the two maggots whom defrauded African Americans throughout the Southeast and Foreclosurepedia (we finally had our money paid by Asset Management Specialists (AMSREO) willingly and from CWIS LLC begrudgingly), have been welcomed back with open arms. They have already taken 12 Contractors to the cleaners for tens of thousands of dollars over the past couple of months in East Tennessee!

Why didn’t AMSREO and CWIS LLC simply prosecute these assholes?! Why does the Property Preservation Industry CONTINUE TO HIRE FELONS? You will see in the Podcast that there IS NO DAMN WAY they could have missed Jason Mathis’ name and signature as Chief Executive Officer of GM Property Services! Hell, here is the [explicative] link! Why? Because this is an ongoing Enterprise crossing State Lines using Electronic Means! This is THE THIRD TIME IN LESS THAN A YEAR that Mathis and Lambert have been hired by the National, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills!



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