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Pacific Preservation Services: A New Vision On The Radar

Brian Mingham is what Donald Rumsfeld meant when he said, “There are known knowns and known unknowns.” Mingham is a known unknown. Why do I say that? The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) would, by definition, consider both Mingham and Pacific Preservation Services (PACPRES) an unknown — more on that later. By way of comparison, chances are pretty good that some of the world’s largest financial institutions know precisely whom he is including JPMorgan Chase.

National Real Estate Solutions – catapulted NRES’s year-over-year growth by 34% by leading key growth initiatives. Managing Member Vectra Field Services. CFSI Loan Strategies – Construction Loan Risk Assessments. Division Manager (2007 – 2009) JP Morgan Chase. Vice President and FVP (2002 – 2007) Countrywide Home Loans amongst others.

Word on the Street is that Mingham is on a Mission. That Mission would appear to be multifaceted. While on the one hand, Mingham would appear to be opposed to Regulations (@48:10) within the Mortgage Field Services Industry, Mingham is spot on with respect to the need to bring an Industry Specific set of Universal Guidelines.

NAMFS refused Mingham’s entry into their Good ‘Ol Boy Club multiple times, early on. Strange, as here is a gentleman whom was responsible for incubating well over FIVE BILLION DOLLARS PER MONTH for Jamie Dimon. To this day, NAMFS has not had the time to speak with Mingham and I doubt that goes unnoticed by other known unknowns out there whom will become the Game Changers in the future.

PACPRES is currently doing a volume of around 50,000 +/- Work Order per month in 42 States. Not too shabby for a non NAMFS Member. Additionally, PACPRES is handling what I generally call root level accounts — no NAMFS Middlemen. Mingham, along with other Industry Movers and Shakers, are also identifying several niches which are apparently only paid lip service to by NAMFS.

Background checks and Training. While NAMFS has their Aspen Grove Solutions vis-a-vis Wells Fargo money making strategy coupled with the NAMFS Training Academy, the reality is that none of the aforementioned deal with the day-to-day necessities of working in the field. Mingham knows this and has been taking the lead.

We have reached out to Mingham as well as Thomas Cono of MegaTec for Interviews as we understand that their beliefs, methodologies and obvious lack of NAMFS Membership makes them viable Candidates for Contractors to keep their eyes on in 2014. I believe, as the New Year comes around, we are going to see the New Movers and Shakers absolve themselves of the questionable Membership within NAMFS and Foreclosurepedia stands in support of them!

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