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OSHA: What You Don’t Know May Ruin You

This article will begin the new series on OSHA for Contractors.  The initial layout will be in the General Public’s view; however, everything going forward will be in the Premium Section.  By-in-large, the biggest obstacle for Contractors today is the ability to get all the necessary information in one location.  Accordingly, we are responding to this need and our OSHA Series will cover the A – Z!

Many folks, when they hear OSHA think of things like:  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and other safety related items.  OSHA covers far more than safety!  Innocuous things such as Discrimination, Handicap Access, Occupational Injury Record Keeping; the list is much like the maze of corridors at the New Executive Office Building (NEOB)!

Make no mistake it is not simply your need to know this information; competitors have used OSHA against their competition to remove them from the Industry!  We are going to run an Article per day for the entire month of January to get everyone up to speed on precisely what you need to know and break it down in layman’s terms!  You don’t want to be left out in the cold on this series!

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