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This entry is part 6 of 14 in the series #OpISIS
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#OPISIS: Females Beheaded and Q&A With @DigitaShadow

This entry is part 6 of 14 in the series #OpISIS

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) or in its new own giving name the Islamic State (IS) is a global selfi Jihadi terror group founded at 2006. Yesterday marked one year since Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a former Al-Qaeda member whom is the head of IS, declared what he called an Islamic Caliphate stretching across eastern Syria and northern and western Iraq. In conjunction with the ongoing land campaign which the Islamic Caliphate is waging, there is a Cyber Caliphate which is not getting as much unilateral attention.

So, while the Beltway Pundits continue to play footsie under the table at Ruth’s Cris, the reality is that the Islamic State is both growing more barbaric on the field and their technological capabilities climb exponentially with the amount of time they remain unfettered.

The danger in this is that the Cyber Caliphate is light years ahead of Western Nations with respect to both media savvy and social media application. IS, in fact, has a manual dedicated to the principals of recruiting. It is a brave, new world out there. Granted, it is  a slippery slope when we begin to identify types of speech as a clear and present danger, the reality is that to sit idly by and do nothing is even worse. Perhaps proxy wars are the best solution.

Known for their extreme brutalism and use of summary executions, ISIS have reached a new level of evil with activists reporting that the jihadi militants beheaded two women in Syria for alleged ‘sorcery.’ 

It is believed to be the first time ISIS have executed a woman in Syria for crimes of ‘witchcraft’ and ‘sorcery’, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitor said today.

‘The Islamic State group executed two women by beheading them in Deir Ezzor province, and this is the first time the Observatory has documented women being killed by the group in this manner,’ Observatory chief Rami Abdel Rahman said.

To date, the only people whom seem to have both noticed there is a problem with allowing the Cyber Caliphate free reign and taking action has been the crew manning Ghost Security (GhostSec).

DigitaShadow Operations Responsible for organization and logistics of offensive activities.
WauchulaGhost Spec-Ops Responsible for launching and managing specialist operations such as @OpCloudFlare to further the cause.
MikroSec Intel Responsible for all social media operations including the identification and removal of target social media accounts.
Spatt Intel Responsible for all social media operations including the identification and removal of target social media accounts.
ComediGhost Public Relations Responsible for public outreach with many magazines and radio stations.
TorReaper Weapons Responsible for creating and managing team websites and digital weapons.
ISHuntingClub Recon Locating enemy targets both on social media and the wider web
WilaAnon Recon Locating enemy targets both on social media and the wider web
NoMercySec Recon Locating enemy targets both on social media and the wider web

GhostSec has been fighting the good fight for months now. The fact of the matter is that this is not a 22 year old US Army private hot skipping a Lady Gaga CD. We are not talking about a protest over bootlegging some Sony videos. We are talking about a full blown cyber war which will eventually spill over into mainstream infrastructure. I want to be quite clear here: While I do not pretend to know what, if anything, Western Nations are or are not doing, the public and transparent record is quite clear that GhostSec has been on the front line representing how a good offense is often the best defense.

So, what are the current stats?

  • Days Active: 74
  • Site Visits: 93,981
  • Target Websites: 94
  • Target Accounts: 5,169
  • Target Websites Down: 110
  • Target Accounts Down: 15,420

In the same way that Jihadi Jane has been conquering the hearts and minds of the weak and insecure, so to that which GhostSec has been motivating the common man and reminding them that they all possess a unique capacity to impact the horrific effects of IS. In fact, time and again in my discussions with @DigitaShadow it is reinforced that you do not have to be an Aaron Schwartz or a SEAL Team Leader in order to address the Draconian shadow cast by the Islamic State.

This is a quote from @DigitaShadow Foreclosurepedia received tonight on the previous subject,

… you don’t have to be a federal agent in order to kick ISIS’s ass and that anyone with a laptop can pick up the fight and hold them accountable for their atrocities against others. It is inspiring for many to see others fighting for the right reasons and we feel that if we can do that then we can shut down the cyber caliphate and lessen the bloodshed on the battlefield.

The Median Empire Motorcycle Club, a biker group of 1 percenters, has a Facebook page making some waves. Several of them have joined forces with Kurdish militia in the Syrian stronghold of Kobane. Here we have Kurds of assorted pedigree; German Bikers; and others fighting against Islamic State militants. The photo below is from the Media Empire Motorcycle Club’s Facebook Page.

From the Median Empire Bikers Facebook Page
From the Median Empire Bikers Facebook Page

The above is simple affirmation of that which @DigitaShadow has been stating in our conversations all along. More on point, though, it documents the fact that while factions within Western Governments are more than happy to fight amongst themselves with respect to whether they should fight the enemy, the Average Joe — and in the above case an ironic partnering of those whom society would never have believed would have been on the side of protecting society — are now effectively beginning to take a stand against terrorism.

We were fortunate enough to be able to submit a series of Questions earlier this evening to @DigitaShadow to better help the Foreclosurepedia Nation understand what #OpISIS is about.

Foreclosurepedia:  The average person feels that they are predominately a small cog in a large piece of machinery. What is some advice you might have for people whom want to help with #OpISIS, but are technologically challenged?

@DigitaShadow:  My advice would be that if a small group of ex-military and private sector citizens like Ghost Security could launch an effective online campaign against the Islamic State as we have then imagine what we could all do united together as a whole. For the people who are not technology oriented it is still well within their power to help. If they encounter Islamic State accounts on Twitter or other social media platforms they can submit the material to or if they wish to help us financially to purchase more equipment to fight with they can donate to our cause at

Foreclosurepedia:  Many people think that their government is the “do all” and “end all” with respect to problems. In your experience, thus far with #OpISIS, are you able to formulate an opinion pertaining the response or lack thereof by governments against the cyber threat presented by ISIS and its similar flavors?

@DigitaShadow:  A large problem the government faces is gridlock with it’s decision making abilities. You have on one side citizens and government officials who are ready to take the fight to ISIS and on the other side you have people who are hesitant to jump into another war scenario in the Middle East. This creates a large amount of friction where neither parties can come to a solid decision thus no progress is achieved.

Foreclosurepedia:  GhostSec has been valiantly spearheading the PR pertaining to CloudFlare and their hosting of ISIS websites. Could you discuss how CDNs benefit these terrorists and whether you believe there ought to be government regulations penalizing firms whom provide what I call “aid and “comfort” to the enemy?

@DigitaShadow: CDN’s better known as Content Delivery Networks run by American companies such as CloudFlare essentially harbor terrorist entities such as the Islamic State online by hiding their internet host’s location and IP so it becomes difficult to track the origins of the website or administrators behind it which could be seen by most as a form of aiding terrorism by facilitating them as customers. We firmly believe that no American company should be allowed to provide services of any sort to officially designated terrorist entities. Aiding terrorism is no different than supporting terrorism.

Foreclosurepedia:  Does GhostSec have the ability to participate in a dedicated podcast to their cause and would you consider this?

@DigitaShadow:  Yes we would be willing to participate in a dedicated podcast as we strongly feel that the more we are able to show the world that ordinary people can fight back against the Islamic State the better the chances are that we can win this war.

Foreclosurepedia:  Finally, Do you have any advice for those whom read this on how to protect themselves from an INFOSEC point-of-view. What I mean is that there may be many within both the public and private sector whom would be interested in contributing to the “pool” of information available. Are there things such as PGP and TOR which might be used and where would your recommend going to learn about things like this?

@DigitaShadow:  Many people can learn the basic skills to retain their privacy on the internet by simply using Google to find tutorials on internet security. Even the common man with no technical expertise can download and install the TOR browser to protect their privacy and shield themselves from surveillance. For those whom wish to learn even more can visit to better inform themselves on online anonymity.

We are going to reach out to @DigitaShadow and hopefully line up an Interview with he and dedicate the next several Foreclosurepedia Podcasts to #OpISIS. If any of you have any questions you would like to submit, feel free to shoot them over. For obvious security reasons, I am unable to announce when the Podcast will occur. What I do know, though, is that while you and I sleep, GhostSec is out there giving 110% while Western Governments sit on the fencerow!

Perhaps This Is A Far More Effective Recruitment Poster Than Beheadings?


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