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OpEd: Industry Shift on the Horizon

A lot of my Research for Articles comes from good old fashion hard copy.  I suppose I am one of the old school folks; I like to touch things, to feel their texture.  I read to my 3 year old from the publications sometimes.  I like to think that within one of the plethora of neurosynaptic pulses raging within his body some remnant of economics will overpower that of Patrick and SpongeBob and take hold like a lone climber with a grappling hook.  Maybe not; perhaps the days of folks like myself drinking coffee and Earl Grey Tea are long gone, maybe the iconoclastic accouterments which seem to litter my spartan desk and constantly invoke the ire of my girlfriend will become the papier-mâché of tomorrow's Club Kommando.

Regardless, Mortgage Servicing News has been beating a drumbeat lately and driving home a point through their past two months of publications:  Servicing is going to return home to the banks.  May's Edition, on page 19 I believe, had an article by Ron Jasgur speaking to the Asset Management (AM) portion.  By in large his belief, along with others, is that financial institutions are going to re embrace the sales of their own disasters (my license of the concept) as paying the middlemen has become to costly.

When the foreclosure crisis began, many banks turned to outsourcing asset management functions because they just couldn’t handle the volume and they weren’t equipped with the proper technologies or skill sets. Fewer delinquent loans and more successful loss mitigation efforts ...

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