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NPPG: Policy Changes And Transparency

I am not a morning person. Most people probably notice most of my Articles come out after 0100EST. One reason for this is I am generally on a job site by 0630EST most days since I began remodeling. Most folks don’t even call until after lunch. Today, though, I got a after my second cup of coffee. A good friend of mine down in Florida told me I ought to take a look at the National Property Preservation Guild‘s (NPPG) website.

We are doing a rehab for a fairly decent political figure down here. To say it is important to make sure the job is done perfect is rather an understatement. With this gentleman’s ties to Newt Gingrich; Gingrich was his Professor years back, I really could give two shits about much else other than his satisfaction.

So, I tried to waive off the call as I had one hand screwing down the Hardy Board and the other cradling my Droid. I simply could not figure out what was so important.

It would appear that the NPPG has taken its first step in the direction of Transparency. A new Post and Tab appeared today entitled Formation Docs and Filings. We were able to load the Certificate of Amendment; none of the other pages would load for us which could be an issue with their Server, we do not know. The Amendment was interesting in the fact that someone had scribbled out an address in Kalispell, Montana.

While I am doubtful that Foreclosurepedia had anything to do with this Movement in a good direction, I am happy to report on it. It is a good first step upon what will be a very long road. The larger story to this, I believe, is how the Industry will look at the overall package. There has been a tremendous amount of flux within the Board of Directors. No one in the Financial Sector likes change. So, one of the initial biggest hurdles will be to establish a Board which is both transparent and has the ability to go the long haul with Policy.

It is significant that the NPPG publicly released its paperwork. Granted, Foreclosurepedia reported on most of this a month or so ago, this action brings a sense of stability as the NPPG now is taking actions on their own — good thing I believe. It allows for the Public to easily identify both the Structure and Legal Status.

There are issues; information, neither a For Profit or Non Profit are obligated to reveal. Proprietary data is a good example. I don’t think anyone really cares, though, what the Board of Directors are speaking about unless it enriches a Board Member either from an Information or Economic Point-of-View. Whether or not that information sees the light of day in a pissing match is a completely different situation.

When looking at legal requirements, Texas is a unique state to choose for Incorporation. To date, it would appear that the NPPG is lacking in a few items required to comply, in the future, as a Non Profit.

Texas Business Organizations Code (TBOC) 22.158 is an issue which will eventually have to be addressed. To date, the NPPG has been very reluctant in preparing a Publicly Viewable list of the NPPG Members. The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) deals with this, to comply with federal requirements, by posting a regularly updated list. TBOC §22.353; in actuality virtually all requirements of the Texas Business Organizations Code with specificity to Chapter 22, will be challenging. §22.353 deals with keeping the NPPGs records, books and annual reports available for inspection at their regular place of business.

It is not all doom and gloom, though. Each and every day, the NPPG seems to be taking steps towards becoming mainstream. The Post and Tab they created is a classic case-in-point. Bennett Vinson, NPPGs Vice Chairman, recently released his Training Certificate from FuryLearn and took the time to spell out the differences between Certified and Compliant. The bullet points which accompanied this recent Newsletter should, in my opinion, have their own Dedicated Page at NPPG and FuryLearn and it does appear that FuryLearn has addressed that.

With respect to the above, we actually spoke with Rob Preston and will be doing an Exclusive Foreclosurepedia Podcast Interview with him this coming week that you do NOT want to miss! We are hopeful that this will help the uninformed Contractor and NPPG Member to better understand this latest portion of the Property Preservation Industry landscape.

Overall, the future of the NPPG would seem to hinge on Public Relations (PR). If the NPPG is able to rein in their Social Media and figure out how to better convey their information to the Public, they will stand a fighting chance. It is hard work. NAMFS did not wake up and everything was built in a day. Tens of thousands of man hours go into the first year of any successful Non Profit.

Etiquette. At the end of the day, an Organization must be about the common wo/man; an Organization must be about their Membership.

Damage control. If an Organization is going to step into the Media Spotlight — let’s all reflect back to Paula Dean speaking in PRIVATE and how that destroyed her Multi Million Dollar Empire — then that Organization MUST learn the rules of the road.

More reputations are destroyed in the business world by PR blunders than anything else combined. The First Amendment is rather an illusion when dealing with the Public and you are a Representative of an Organization. For example, when I publish something on here there is no way to separate what I say as an Editor from what I think as a person. The two are one with respect to the Public.

The entirety of the Contractors have been injured over this process. The squabbling; the he said she said; and the emptying out of axes to grind across half a dozen threads on multiple Social Media platforms needs to be reined in. It does no one any good. The role of the Administrator in Social Media is a difficult one. The reality is that Groups exist to further and foster a set of beliefs. If Members do not like that let them start their own Groups.

Where normally the NPPG could have emerged as an iconoclastic group of Contractors coming together in an attempt to better the lot of Contractors, it now faces an uphill battle to both bring confidence back to itself while simultaneously attempting to forge an Agenda which will better the whole. Will it do the proverbial 180 and get back on track? Yes. Failure is not an option.

The NPPG will always have a special place in my heart. It represents the first attempt of Contractors to organize. While each resignation has had its own vilification, each as well represented time within the Guild that steered a necessary course.

It boils down to the Membership. Get active, get involved. That is how it has to be. Get a new Chairman in play, nominate and support the current Board and get on about the business of business. We are going to follow up on this as the days tick down to the Elections.

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.



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