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Northsight Capitalizes Upon Former NPPG Board Members

Meg Barnes, the former National Property Preservation Guild  secretary, decided to move away  from her own company to team up with Josh Sarchet, President of Northsight Management. Sarchet along with Barnes, both have files measuring in the dozens of pages over on ISTAR Clear Base. This article is simply a snapshot of the in depth Series coming out later next week. Before we get to deep into things, let’s take a look at the pricing Barnes is attempting to distribute.  The below was submitted to ISTAR from one of our Intelligence Assets,

The numbers speak for themselves. While nothing predominately new, this is scary in a time of massive fraud and corruption amongst several members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime. Scratch the surface just a bit and you end up with a spider’s web which is par for the course with respect to the NAMFS Regime.  In our indepth analysis, we will begin to track folks like Joe Connolly whom has moved in and out of many Order Mills. What we really have here is a situation which is very similar to how the Debt Collections Industry works wherein certain companies buy old lists and accounts and attempt to troll those for the unpicked fruit.

As we begin to roll out the countless reports which are out there about Northsight one also needs to ask, precisely how much money does it take to pay all of these employees like Meg Barnes?

As a footnote: Northsight Management just sued Homestar Property Solutions for $307,000 (2:14-cv-01243-EAS-MRA). Many will remember Homestar as they are well over SIX MILLION IN THE HOLE to Contractors.

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