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National Field Network Data Breach

On 12 June 2017, National Field Network‘s (NFN) Human Resources Department experienced  a catastrophic data breach. NFN is a National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Member whom, in conjunction with other NAMFS Members, have refused to implement https to their website. In a three page document issued to all parties involved with NFN during 2016, NFN is being required to provide one year of Credit Monitoring and are stating,

Since discovering the breach late Monday, NFN has taken the computer involved in the incident offline, isolated and quarantined the server which connected that computer to the NFN network, and is monitoring all electronic communications to and from that email address, as well as others, pending forensic investigation. NFN anticipates that it will be contacting the New Jersey, Texas, and other state Attorneys General as well. NFN will also be in contact with the IRS and will follow its guidelines including any that involve contacting other federal authorities as we may be directed. — Shari Nott

More on this fast breaking story as details come in.

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