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NAMFS: The Background Check Money Grab

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime may be in the biggest trick bag of all time. As Wells Fargo, the backer of the Aspen Grove Solutions iReport, rolls out their justification of Background Checks it would appear that the unholy financial juggernaut Eric Miller and his NAMFS Regime Board desires to serve could backfire. I mean what is good for the goose is good for the gander as you will soon find out!

Wells Fargo and presumably other Financial Institutions along with Portfolio Holders and Banksters run with the theory that the Truth In Lending Act (TILA) mandates all Mortgage Field Services Contractors must be Background Checked. Now, before we delve into this, the irony is that on the one hand Wells Fargo and conceivably all NAMFS Regime Members state there is ABSOLUTELY NO DOCTRINE OF PRIVITY between Contractors and the Work Order Originators. True irony.

So, Wells Fargo publishes on their website their justification of Background Checks,

As a financial institution, Wells Fargo is subject to many federal, state and local laws and regulations. Wells Fargo must check its own personnel, as well as the personnel from its Third Party Service Providers (each a TPSP) providing certain services, as one part of these many legal and regulatory obligations. In addition, Wells Fargo is obligated by various laws to take reasonable steps to ensure the Wells Fargo workplace is free from violence and harassment for its employees and visitors, which also requires background checks when there is significant TPSP on-site presence at Wells Fargo facilities. It is important for Wells Fargo to ensure that if a TPSP has face to face interaction with Wells Fargo customers, those interactions are similarly free from crime or violence.

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