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NAMFS Slaps Robert Klein and DOL Investigates Cyprexx

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) did something several weeks ago that no one, not even Foreclosurepedia, could have predicted. NAMFS picked a staged fight with Robert Klein, the Chairman and founder of Safeguard Properties; the shot caller in hundreds of other companies by and through Natan Klein including an over $30 Million charity named after him; and most importantly the Chairman of SecureView. For several years, Foreclosurepedia has been investigating the polycarbonate sheeting movement which appears to only benefit Robert Klein and SecureView.

Before we get into how NAMFS finally grew a pair, I want to talk about how both SecureView and Cyprexx were unable to read the tea leaves. Ah, you wonder what I am driving at with Cyprexx, huh? Well, you see, not only are SecureView and Cyprexx involved in the sales and distribution of millions of dollars of Lexan they cannot offload now — we will get into that in a moment — Cyprexx has decided to illegally supply subcontractors with the material itself.

First things first, though. Several years ago, Robert Klein hooked up with a man whom had a great idea about how to secure vacant, abandoned, and foreclosed properties, Howard Wedren. Taking the credit for himself, Klein rolled the dice and came up with this,

SecureView is an industrial grade sheet material extruded from recycled polycarbonate resins. Each sheet is 1/4 inch in thickness and 200 times stronger than glass. SecureView can easily be modified onsite to fit any window or opening.

And had no one ever done some digging around, Klein would have continued to fill his Jewish beak and the goyim would have been none the wiser. Problem is that I am an agnostic; I believe in no cloud people and simply follow the money. Foreclosurepedia revealed the enormity of political contributions which Klein made in a questionable, at best, break neck pace to influence legislation in order to unjustly enrich himself. More on point, though, Klein’s original belief that his dirty money would smooth everything was actually his own undoing. You see, while SecureView was successful in worming their way into Fannie Mae, the State of Ohio wanted nothing to do with funnelling tens of millions of dollars to the quintessential leader of the Ohio Jewish Mafia. In fact, the only current state legislation requiring the end of the use of plywood to board unsecure openings, is in Ohio known as Ohio House Bill 463. When Foreclosurepedia spoke to Ohio Governor John Kasich’s office about what was to be used instead of plywood, they stated it was illegal to tell us or anyone!

By the fourth quarter of 2016, SecureView and Cyprexx had funnelled every penny they could get their hands on stocking up on 1/4″ thick polycarbonate sheeting. Klein had already set up a network of storage lockers around the country where folks would call SecureView and depending upon where they were located, they would drive five hours, one way, to meet up with a stranger whom would dole out the product if and when they decided to show up. It was like a clandestine drug network in its confusion and chaos.

By January, 2017, Foreclosurepedia had mobilized a veritable army of Labor, Management and regulatory officials to take on the apparatchiks which Klein and his foreign nationals had thought they paid enough to peddle their wares upon the unsuspecting Mortgage Field Services Industry. With the battle lines drawn; with the political winds in the Beltway shifting away from the belief that all things Jewish are owed and golden, an unanticipated ally came riding in. And really, this is how I perceive how this happened. If you think of Klein as the epitome of the Jewish Ghetto Police in Bedzin, Sosnowiec, Krakow, and Warsaw, one may begin to understand how Klein, the Nazi, is now seeing Africa fall before his very eyes.

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) commissioned an independent study performed by the Akron Fire Department in Akron, Ohio, to look at the differences, if any, between 3/16″ and 1/4″ polycarbonate sheeting with specificity to boarding in the Industry. Now, this was amazing as NAMFS has always been the lapdog of Robert Klein whom is also in Ohio.

The political fallout is huge. First, it is not simply Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director, whom is squaring off against Robert Klein and his Nazi Axis of Evil. Nickie Bigenho, Vice President of Compliance at Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS) did such in her position as Chairperson of the NAMFS Government Relations Committee. Jack Bryant at MSI, Paul Magaha at Assurant, Michele Porras at ServiceLink, and even the NAMFS President, Adam Miles, all signed off on the findings. The interesting one, though, is Heather Burt at Beers Housing. For those whom do not remember the Buczek Enterprises fraud which completely turned Altisource upside down, take a read through Foreclosurepedia’s material on the wars — over 100 articles. You see, when Foreclosurepedia bankrupted Dan and Adam Buczek, they went gutter trolling with Beers down in Georgia. More on point, though, Beers Housing is Safeguard Properties (SGP) proxy in the recent HUD M&M FSM 3.10 run — illegal I might add under FAR 19 and other laws. So, ironically, the very people whom Klein thought that he could count on forever through his dispensation of fear, money and the twisting of religion, are now the very same whom will crucify his decrepit Jewish ass upon the very proverbial cross he and his twisted fucktards executed a man named Jesus two millennia ago.

And Cyprexx? Why, I am glad you asked about that as I was almost ready to turn the page. Cyprexx has always been a greasy little upstart slithering around like a snake in the grass. Cyprexx is one of those outfits that the minute you get off the phone with one of their hacks you want to go take a shower to wash off this ethereal scum you know is clinging to you. Their honesty can only be described by the cleanliness of a Liberian hospital on the outskirts of Monrovia. Cyprexx’s dirty little secret was that they honestly bought into the madness Klein was hopping Industry outsiders on: If You Market It Labor Will Be Forced To Buy It. You see, SecureView and Cyprexx both ran to the US Patent Office in 2010 and 2013 respectively. SecureView’s patent merely steals that which the US Department of Housing and Urban Development pioneered decades before and Cyprexx? Well, the only novelty was the amount of money they spent attempting to reinvent the wheel.

While SecureView can initially afford to take the hit on materials while Klein begins to re-bribe politicians across the country, Cyprexx cannot. So, Cyprexx did what any other grease ball #Fraudster would do, they decided to issue the material out to Labor and then pay $32 to make two trips to the job site — one trip to measure the desired area to be boarded and the second trip to actually install the product. And that idea might have worked and I anticipate Klein to do the same by moving the SecureView product over to Safeguard Properties. Only problem is that it is illegal to provide materials to a subcontractor. When you do this, you have now crossed every line there is with respect to the employee vs independent contractor status. This dates back to the initial lawsuit proving there are no subcontractors cited as Hurst v. Buczek Enters., LLC, 2012 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 61624 (N.D. Cal. May 2, 2012), where six figures were paid by Buczek Enterprises to silence a contractor and the current litigation in Vinson v AMS, et al., EDCV 14-00369 DDP (AGRx), filed in the US District Court, Central District of California. As MCS is also a defendant, it was interesting to hear settlement offers have been made and were told to go to hell.

When Cyprexx began to attempt to save their ass, they put things in motion with respect to a relatively unknown outfit at the US Department of Labor (DoL), the Wage and Hour Division (WHD). More on point, though, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will be most interested to learn of how Cyprexx is currently disposing of their more expensive product; how SecureView will react to the same; and ultimately as NAMFS is now aware of one of its own poised to open up one of the largest can of worms in history, how Eric Miller will handle the matter. And therein lies the rub as the bard would say. All that is happening, at the end of the day, is a constant rearrangement of chairs on the Titanic.

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