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NAMFS Regime 2014: The High Price Of Fraud

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime is already in high gear attempting to hustle money for their rapidly emptying coffers. Their NAMFS Sponsorship Opportunities is set to bring in around $173,000. The Top Sponsor, so far, is Bret Douglas, owner of IronClad Preservation. $12,500 for the Presidential Reception. Wow!

When I go over the history of that which has been documented with respect to the atrocities committed by NAMFS Regime Members; when I look at the previous sponsors whom put the screws to innocent human beings like Carol Boyd, I begin to formulate an opinion in my head.

To even pay for a NAMFS Regime Membership, knowing that the NAMFS Regime continues to allow fraud and abuse to run rampant amongst its Rank and File, is bad enough. To go out of one’s way to further reward such behavior to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars is a testimony to that which these people hold near and dear.

Any Association which freely, willingly and with overt intention refuses to hold their Rank and File accountable is no different than organized crime.

When I look at the NAMFS Regime I see the same hallmarks. First, you have a Kingpin in Eric Miller. Here is a man whom receives OVER ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR CONSUMING OVER SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL REGIME RANK AND FILE DUES. Next, you have the Families — the Rank and File like IronClad — whom issue kickbacks, in my eyes, calling them Sponsorships. It is nothing more glamorous than Pay To Play. Coarse and pedestrian. Sponsoring people like Miller whom have active knowledge about the Crimes Against Humanity perpetrated by his Families.

I am truly amused by all of the parading around by these bourgeoisie; these wolves in sheepskin clothing. Spouting off about a love of god on the one hand; that was the first indicator about Carol Boyd, and shoveling cash to Kingpin Miller in hopes that he will be their Messiah. True irony — the selling of one’s soul to another human being for a chance to make a few bucks knowing full well of the iniquity being perpetrated.

Those few Contractors remaining would do well to diversify. My Voice called out from the Wilderness a year ago and predicted what was coming down the pike. A good question to ask these folks like IronClad, et al., is how do they feel about financing an Association whose Rank and File commit atrocities against Contractors. Let’s not bullshit around either about the lily white appearance the NAMFS Regime tries to spin. You have Safeguard Properties pending litigation by the Illinois Attorney General, a trial pending for federal racketeering and a documented track record of employing wanted felons whom targeted Christian and African American Females for fraud.

By monitoring the NAMFS Regime’s Bookie Sheet, you will be able to separate yourselves from those whom sponsor what may only be characterized as the Miller Family Business.

Perhaps I am simply lost. Maybe these fine upstanding Christians can help me to understand why they choose to finance a Regime whose Rank and File have defrauded Contractors for years. Hell, maybe this agnostic has it all wrong. Maybe this Jesus fellow preached the gospel of greed and screwing your fellow man. Then again, maybe not.

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