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NAMFS Members Offer $30 Per Acre For Grass Cuts

NAMFS Members Callous About COVID As Prices Continue To Drop

National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) members are going all out in an attempt to bankrupt Minority Females and Labor during COVID. Recently, one of the awardees of US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Management and Marketing (M&M) Field Service Manager (FSM) contracts scrapped all pricing and ordered an acre of grass will only pay $30. Now, the working theory has always been that more volume equals more money. So, they are also offering $35 for two acres. This is not a typo. Here is their statement,

Now, I want to remind everyone that this is not a low level order mill. This NAMFS member is the second largest provider of services to the Mortgage Field Services Industry and if you include their HUD revenues, the largest. Of note here, there are no longer bids allowed or initial grass cut pricing.

On either side of the US, gas prices are now approaching $4 per gallon. This, coupled with insurance premiums rising — yet again — payments upon trucks, trailers, weed eaters, blowers, hedge trimmers and the latest litigation rolling out pertaining to employee misclassification has many wondering why they shouldn’t simply file unemployment claims against NAMFS members.

Successful unemployment claims have been prosecuted, over the past several months, against Industry firms. And when you look at the fact that is pricing is rolled out, without any ability to bid, it certainly strikes many as employee misclassification. To that point, the Massachuttes Attorney General just filed litigation against Uber and Lyft in an identical setting which created the AB5 legislation in California.

Today’s court decision is a major victory in our ongoing fight to support and protect Uber and Lyft drivers from unfair and exploitative practices,” said AG Healey. “The court plainly rejected Uber and Lyft’s latest attempt to deprive their drivers of basic protections that help them earn a living wage, including minimum wage, overtime, and earned sick time. Under our laws, drivers in Massachusetts can have both flexibility and the rights and benefits of employment status. Our case continues as we seek a court order to force Uber and Lyft to comply with laws that are already on the books.”

Foreclosurepedia has reached out to HUD for comment and will update when they reply. One thing is for certain, the days of the Order Mills are rapidly coming to a conclusion. The only problem with that is when the tidal wave of foreclosures arrive, there may be no one left to service them.

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