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NAMFS: It’s Time To Come To The Table

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime is at a crossroads. For nearly two years now, Foreclosurepedia has documented the atrocities being perpetrated upon Contractors and fellow NAMFS Rank and File by an extremely small minority of NAMFS Regime Members. The problem is that the small percentage of NAMFS Regime Members are all high ranking including now disgraced former NAMFS Regime Secretary Heather Berghorst. In each and every case of fraud which has been documented by Foreclosurepedia against NAMFS Regime Members, NAMFS Regime Board of Directors have refused to hold parties accountable under either their By Laws or Canons of Ethics. Further, in the case of Heather Berghorst whom filed her second bankruptcy which is to the tune of almost Two Million Dollars this time, the NAMFS Regime Board of Directors has allowed her to remain a Member in Good Standing within the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) and is listed as attending the NAMFS Conference in Orlando, Florida, this September.

For far too long now, the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) has been recalcitrant in addressing the well documented improprieties ongoing under their roof. The result? Membership is tanking, for the first time in NAMFS recorded history they are Sixty Thousand Dollars in the hole by way of Sponsorships for their Fraud Fest 2014 Annual Conference and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has begun to apparently utilize both the NAMFS Membership List and the Foreclosurepedia Black List much like Indictment Rosters.

Out of everyone on the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Board of Directors, Paul Magaha should understand the problems with ignoring Compliance at any level — even when he is the Treasurer. Truth be known, Magaha’s silence throughout the entirety of the NAMFS Regime Scandals undoubtedly call into question not only his character, but his ability to ethically perform on behalf of Assurant Field Asset Services (AFAS). This article, though, is not really a telegraph that Paul Magaha and other NAMFS Regime Members are on the Foreclosurepedia Dart Board … yet.

Eric Miller is the mouthpiece of the NAMFS Regime. Now, to understand Eric Miller, Paul Magaha, Heather Berghorst, et al., people need to understand one fundamental problem. The problem is that not a single NAMFS Member ever has or ever will elect either a NAMFS Regime Board Member or a single NAMFS Regime Office such as Executive Director, President, Treasurer, etc. In essence, the very structure of NAMFS in and of itself, ensures corruption. Period. It is a dictatorship wherein either you spread enough work and graft around to be nominated to the Board and then ultimately receive the One Hundred Thousand dollar plus a year salary which Eric Miller has been the beneficiary of for years. The NAMFS Rank and File are the epitome of why involuntary servitude was made illegal in the United States. Even more sad, though, is the fact that NAMFS Rank and File blindly pay money to a Regime which has now ensured they will forever be tainted by the very same Board which tells them to remain silent and protect the leaders to their death.

This is the reality: While Foreclosurepedia is batting a thousand with respect to those NAMFS Regime Members we take on, there is a tremendous amount of collateral damage. Contractors, creditors, tax payers — everyone — is taking the fall for the small minority of criminals within the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS). It is not a good way to wage war. Additionally, the CFPB is beginning to take liberties which I do not find to be entirely constitutional — and the Industry has seen NOTHING yet! So, while I am loathe to take my foot off the gas pedal while the steering wheel is firmly planted in the neck of Miller and his cronies, the reality is that we must all come to the Table, PRIVATELY, and have a sit down.

Today, Foreclosurepedia is widely accepted as the barometer for the Mortgage Field Services Industry. Richard Law, a nearly 30 year veteran of the Industry, stated that, “ is the ZERO HEDGE of the mortgage segment.” Zero Hedge is a prominent, investment sector blog and I was honored to be even mentioned in the same sentence as them. The reality is that Foreclosurepedia receives more views by 0800EDT than most of my Competitors do in a month. As such, a burden of sorts lies upon my shoulders. That burden is how to ensure that the most corrupt Association in the Industry does not fail.

Now, many of you may be taken aback by such a comment. I have communicated as much to Eric Miller directly and as usual Miller has refused to even respond. This, in and of itself; Miller’s continued refusal to discuss ANYTHING with Foreclosurepedia or the NAMFS Regime Rank and File, are a testament to how dire are the circumstances that the National Association of Mortgage Field Services are in. This is the epitome of sheer terror, truth be known. So, I am going to lay out in clear and concise terms what must come down the pike lest I simply grow weary of the hope for rehabilitation and dismantle, Member by Member with the innocent first, the National Association of Mortgage Field Services.

The Florida FAST 2014 Conference presents with an ideal and neutral meeting ground. In fact, the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) will be introducing their Education Program to Contractors and other Vendors whom are going to be present. The NAMFS Academy is actually not that bad of a deal other than a few misnomers here and there and the Pump and Dump pricing. This is Capitalism, though, and I have no intentions of interjecting myself into the discussion with they nor the other presenters present. I will have a Live Podcast airing throughout the Conference and am hopeful they will actually sit down for a few moments to inform folks how to find the information necessary for reviewing and purchasing should they chose to.

With respect to Florida FAST 2014 — MAKE SURE TO RSVP VIA THE FORM ON THE RIGHT — I am hopeful that Eric Miller will make the presentation for the NAMFS Academy. As I stated earlier and my word is my bond, I have no intentions of engaging ANY OF THE EXHIBITORS OR PRESENTERS at FAST 2014. The reason I am hopeful Miller will attend is that it would give the two of us an opportunity to grab a steak and a beer and quietly discuss how we are going to move the rhetoric away from the negative to the productive. Hell, I will pick up the tab.

I do not anticipate that we are going to solve all of the Industry problems; hell, I doubt we will agree on a whole hell of a lot. The reality, though, is that we have to try. I spoke with Miller almost two years ago so at least he and I know each other somewhat. If NAMFS is having financial troubles getting him down, I will foot the bill as I consider this to be that important. I believe it is also important for NAMFS to put a human face to those whom are contemplating purchasing not only their Education Package, but potentially becoming Members.

I do not relish the concept of handing out olive branches when I am not responsible for the catastrophic environment we are in now. The reality is that one of us has to be a man and offer the opportunity. I am doing that. I am offering a TOTAL AND COMPLETE CEASE FIRE — not a single article discussing NAMFS — until after Florida FAST 2014 if Miller will simply write me and confirm his attendance. Additionally, I will not publicize his attendance (unless he wants that as I believe it would be good PR for NAMFS) nor will I publicize ANY INFORMATION FROM OUR MEETING UNLESS IT IS AGREED TO BY BOTH PARTIES IN A JOINT STATEMENT.

This article will lie as a testament to the fact Foreclosurepedia has done everything within its power to come to an accord with the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS). If, though, the NAMFS Regime chooses to rear its ugly head and practice Obama Administration Foreign Policy by burying their collective heads in the sand, the Industry and the American Public will come to recognize the fact that any Association whom refuses to discuss even off the record problems plaguing the very Industry it receives US Taxpayer Non Profit Exempt Status for, is nothing more than a sham. There are not words within the English Vocabulary to convey precisely how sincere that I am. Too many men and women have suffered for Miller and I not to at least sit down and have an honest discussion. We owe it not just to ourselves, but the men and women whom look up to us for Leadership in a Leaderless Industry. I extend my hand to you Mr. Miller in peace and solidarity. Should I have no response by 1200EDT then I will understand that it is not peace that you desire; I will understand that the NAMFS Regime is willing and even comfortable with the sacrificing of the many for the few on the NAMFS Regime Board. If you are a Member of the NAMFS Rank and File I ask that you contact Eric Miller and beseech him to come to an accord. If you are a Contractor whom has been injured by a Member of the NAMFS Regime I request that you do the same. You may write to Eric at:

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