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NAMFS Hegemony In Decline: How Mitch Davidson Led The Charge

As Purdy Enterprise faces ever increasing scrutiny over discriminating against International Association of Field Service Technicians (IAFST) Members, the reality is that this is simply one more indication that the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) has finally lost its control over the Mortgage Field Services Industry. In fact, the tell tale signs are everywhere. Foreclosurepedia recently reported upon the initial $2.2 Million jury verdicts against Assurant Field Asset Services (Assurant) for misclassifying employees as independent contractors. With dozens more jury verdicts pending, that number is expected to eclipse $4 Million. Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS), in a nearly identical lawsuit headed to jury trial later this year, is expected to shell out well over $55 Million. Neither Assurant nor MCS are expected to be able to recover. And while many NAMFS Members are taking a wait and see approach to correcting the error of their ways, the reality is that most are simply dumping yet more legalese into their unconstitutional contracts pertaining to W9 provisions. Ironic, as the 50 Page Bowerman Ruling, which cost Assurant their first $2 Million, stated it was the Work Order and not the Contract that mattered.

It is precisely this type of mentality which has caused NAMFS to lose its ability to hold sway within the Industry which it has coveted for nearly two decades.

After years of chargebacks inflicted upon innocent Minority Females and Labor, MCS, amongst others, now have nowhere to turn for cash. Times are truly tough, if reports are accurate, when they had to be marketed for sale by Blue Heron, an international firm. Over the past several months, reports have been flooding in from misclassified employees that MCS has begun to roll out indemnification actions. What this means is that regardless of whether or not you have any fault, if you were ever present upon a property which is being litigated, MCS makes demands upon your insurance company for indemnification payments to cover their legal expenses. A simple PACER search of Wells Fargo – MCS litigation will open the eyes of the curious.

No one should be surprised, though. With volumes at such historic lows, the shell game which the now former and disgraced NAMFS Secretary, Heather Berghorst, played for years, has come to an end for everyone. And it is not simply the salient fact that fraud is no longer en vogue as it had been for over a decade under Eric Miller, the Fraudster in Chief of NAMFS, the reality is that now the US Government has caught wind of truly how deep it had been screwed. Foreclosurepedia broke the story of how the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Ben Carson, recently ordered the replacement of all locks in their inventory with rolling 180 re-replacements, after learning that not only were NAMFS Members passing out HUD Master Key Codes, but they continue selling the keys them for a dollar each!

MFS Supply A NAMFS Member Selling HUD Keys

Are you curious why the above HUD Master Key Codes are on back order? Yeah, doesn’t take a rocket scientist. To the Miller Regime, cash is king. Miller, whose $122K a year salary which consumes over seventy five percent of all NAMFS Member dues, has always been at the forefront of thumbing his nose at HUD. And I venture the guess that the all white NAMFS Board of Directors, could give a damn about what an African American Secretary of HUD thought. Yes, you see, NAMFS has never had anything but an all white Board of Directors.

For the majority of Minority Females and Labor working in the Industry, the next several fiscal quarters will most assuredly be remembered as open season. After years of swelling deficits fed by incessant fraud and cover ups throughout the United States, by mid 2018 the Industry will be nothing more than a hollow shell. But hey, that is what the financial institutions wanted anyway, right? I mean why lose 80 cents on the dollar to incompetent carpetbaggers like Thomas and Lila Purdy, when you can get the pure, uncut shit. You see, a direct pipeline to Minority Females and Labor; a workforce comprised of W2 personnel headed up by say 50 or so firms, all quietly rolled out with silent franchises, brings two things.

First, it brings nearly 50K new jobs created under the Trump Administration and that is if you simply cut in half what Sterling Backcheck stated to be the total number in the workforce. Second — and you are going to love this if you really understand that the Industry is merely a black box — it creates a Voting Block unrivaled in recent memory. I mean how many of the people, whom used to tremble when they opened Property Preservation Wizard (PPW), are going to complain about free trucks, tools, cell phones, and you guessed it PAYCHECKS?! And make no mistake those are the items that the Bowerman jury awarded over $2 Million to with only the first 11 victims!

Look, I know what you are thinking right now. If things are changing, how is it that Mitch Davidson could so blatantly get away with what appears to be collusion upon HUD Contracts? To be candid, Davidson is a post primacy NAMFS stooge. And Davidson’s pals, over at Innotion Enterprise, are in for a rude awakening, as well. We are beginning to hear that even as Purdy Enterprise expanded its operations into Illinois, the same state Innotion Enterprise received HUD Awards, the fact of the matter is that their Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama Awards are being hotly contested. Moreover, though, Davidson and his family, have been branded for life. Google has a very long and hard memory when it comes to memory. And when the rubber hits the road, I believe we are ultimately going to see some pretty dramatic shakeups at HUD. Oh, not by the HUD Office of the Inspector General (OIG) or their Special Investigations Unit (SIU). Those folks are so ignorant you can’t even pay them off; HUD OIG simply does not even have a clue about the Management and Marketing (M&M) Contract. No, I wager that by now both the US Department of Labor (DoL) Wage and Hour Division (WHD) and those damn pesky US Department of Justice (DoJ) Hoover boys are consulting with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to see how best to divvy up the pie.

Like I have said, all along, keep your eye on the financial institutions. They are generational unlike NAMFS. And what better way to say mea culpa than to toss a few to the lions? Hell, simply take a look at how a work order moves out of a financial institution or Fannie Mae’s Equator. It reads like this,



You see, nothing like all the things which Bowerman stated misclassified an employee as an independent contractor. Even better, though, as we gear up for the Federal Reserve to dump nearly $1 Trillion — yes that is Trillion with a T — off their balance sheet beginning in September, we have some flesh for the masses to pick at like vultures in the Roman Circus which has now become the Beltway. And all bullshit aside, by 2025 — and that is around the corner just like when I predicted the 2017 Chaos in the Industry back in 2010 — China will be the new superpower. Whether you want to talk photon communications or the simple fact that the US Dollar will be — and is already being in many areas — replaced as the world currency, the reality is that the United States, just like NAMFS, will begin to implode upon itself.

There is no silver lining to any of this except for those whom stand up for their rights as misclassified employees. There are no heroes; there are no grand speeches to be made or baby’s heads patted when the Union Bosses circle around to organize as this Industry has never had the time to organize itself.

It has become so bad, today, that even the once sacred Master Services Agreements (MSA) hold no water. There are countless reports of Minority Females and Labor performing — and I really love this term — rehabs. So, let me segway into this by throwing out a term that maybe less than one tenth of one percent of the alleged contractors have even heard of, let alone comprehend — Doctrine of Privity. So, you have a contract with an Order Mill and they tell you to go bid — yeah, another one of those great misnomers — a rehab. They send it back to you and tell you what you will do it for. But, hey, you are hungry and you have to feed the new baby, right?! So, you complete the rehab and then — wait for it — they tell you they cannot pay you because a Realtor, whom is NOT a party to the contract, did not like the work. So, you have Privity with the Order Mill and not with the Realtor. They are not a party to your contract. And yet, allegedly, the Realtor controls your contract. Here is the reality: If you are ignorant enough to do rehabs or even submit bids for such — and you do them for free as those firms are paid by insurance companies to do them — you deserve to lose everything.

How many of you file a Preliminary Notice of Lien at the commencement of your rehabs? I mean zlien has the forms for free! Scott Wolfe and his folks work with over 19,000 clients including MAINSTREAM construction outfits like ServPro, Behr, and Belfor to name just a few!

You see, a real contractor would know to do that which simply reinforces my agreement with the federal courts that there are no contractors in the Mortgage Field Services Industry. The tragedy is that I have not yet spoke with anyone representing to be a Contractor that truly was. Even more tragic is that you have folks like an Indiana Contractor, nameless for now, whom parade around like they are. He and others like him with a huge Altisource and Safeguard Properties (SGP) addiction only want to bleed others dry of their knowledge.

Mitch Davidson, in conjunction with Eric Miller, through some perverse sense of self entitlement, set out to undermine the very few pillars of regulation available to Minority Females and Labor decades ago. Simply ask Davidson about his statements against the former NAMFS President, Deana Alfredo, and how he stated she wrapped toilets in the winter with saran wrap to document ice crystals. And why would she do that, you might ask? Davidson stated that those photos allowed her to automatically bill for dewinterization. And it is crucial to understand to what lengths these vultures will go to survive. Granted, Davidson is not alone in his allegations against NAMFS Members. What is most notable is that none of these were ever reported a violating the False Claims Act. So, Davidson, like his minions, are just as guilty as the pedophile raping the child.

The Industry is the New Mecca for the structurally unemployed. It is also, bar none, the riskiest occupation wherein a worker will be guaranteed to be defrauded at some point-in-time. The Industry has become contaminated by predatory criminals and Craigslist has become their lair. Simply search Innotion Enterprise or Purdy Enterprise and you will find Craigslist littered with their postings. And why is this? Today, there are very few left whom would be considered to be qualified to perform the tasks as a Field Service Technician. And honestly, NAMFS Members do not want trained personnel. They are far too difficult to defraud.

We are going to continue the discussion on NAMFS and its Decline on the Foreclosurepedia Podcast. If you enjoyed this Article, why not contribute to Foreclosurepedia today?

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