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NAMFS Executive Director Eric Miller Wants $120K Of Your Hard Earned Money

Eric Miller Wants $120,000 To Line The Pockets Of His Pals

Leave it to the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) to come up with new ideas to take money from Labor. Fresh off of a series of pay raises reported on the most recently available NAMFS IRS 990 tax return, Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director has rolled out the most brazen money grab since the failed Aspen Grove Solutions (AGS) background checks. For $138,107 a year plus benefits, travel expenses, and a bully’s pulpit, Miller’s best suggestion for assisting the Mortgage Field Services Industry is to give him $120,000 more for his lobbyist pals. It is the true definition of irony coming from a trade association whom have committed wholesale fraud against Minority Females and Labor. Here is how Miller kicks off the digital panhandling,

This engagement has a significant cost of $120,000 which covers strategy, outreach, and weekly calls.  NAMFS has committed an initial $10,000 from our savings to start this partnership.  NAMFS is seeking support from all industry providers and your support is crucial to the success of this pricing adjustment initiative.

Really? It takes $120,000 to write emails and pick up the telephone which is what Eric Miller is supposed to be paid to do anyway? It gets better, though. Miller is blunt when he states he wants the money so that he can give it to unnamed parties with little to no oversight or accountability. Here is how Miller puts it,

To address this critical issue NAMFS has explored engagement with a highly accomplished firm that specializes in raising awareness and bringing this concern to the forefront of the agencies that can effect change.  The NAMFS Board of Directors have approved a proposal as part of our July 2021 monthly Board Meeting.

Unnamed company, unknown location — haven’t we been here before?! It gets better, though. Here is what Miller says you will get for $120,000:

      • Current Property Preservation & Inspection Allowables across all investors/insurers
      • Cost of Living/Living Wage Consideration
      • Frequency of Periodic Reviews
      • Potential “New” Allowables
      • Possible Extensions to Completion & Conveyance Timeframes

Let me break this down in only the way that a trained media professional such as myself is capable of doing. Miller wants to spread allowables across all investors and insurers. Great idea! Matter of fact Foreclosurepedia made this point beginning nearly six years ago at roughly the same time Ed Delgado did over at Five Star. Nothing novel and certainly nothing that will ever happen because it has been NAMFS members themselves whom created the fiefdoms which alienated the Clients from the Vendors. The Cost of Living adjustment is a laughable cause. It is a well documented fact that NAMFS members keep well above fifty percent of all monies in the Industry. Their pricing could easily reflect a Cost of Living adjustment but they never will. In fact, this is one of those race card kind of statements. Adjusting the Frequency of Periodic Reviews is not going to happen as neither the US government nor the financial institutions have any interest in unfunded mandates from which they are incapable of making a claim against. The Potential New Allowables is simply a lobbyist term for bid after the fact (BATF) which was a cornerstone for fraud against Labor. And finally the Possible Extensions to Completion & Conveyance Timeframes benefits no one other than NAMFS members as they are paid a fee for handling the portfolios anyway.

What is also telling is the simple and salient point that Eric Miller is now asking for DONATIONS. That is a legal term and key in and of itself. In fact, it is quite telling with respect to the fact that NAMFS, for all intents and purposes, it bankrupt. If they were not, why would they not simply pay for it themselves? Moreover, though, why not simply have the unnamed lobbyist work on a commission based setting?

Eric Miller’s leadership — if you call it that — has been an abysmal failure. Throughout his tenure as the eternal NAMFS Executive Director, he has overseen an all white NAMFS Board of Directors throughout the history of NAMFS. His fear an loathing of boots on the ground Labor has cost hundreds of NAMFS members and tens of millions of dollars in settlements for claims pertaining to employee misclassification. Giving Miller $120,000 to spend on an unnamed company in an unknown location with zero accountability would be the epitome of insanity.

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