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NAMFS Attempts To Onboard Labor To Prevent Bankruptcy

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) met in Dallas, Texas, over the past several days to discuss how to continue to defraud Minority Females and Labor — kinda. In fact, Eric Miller, the Executive Director of NAMFS, whose One Hundred and Twenty Two Thousand Dollar per year salary which consumes over SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT of all NAMFS member dues, has taken a toll on NAMFS financial solvency. In the latest twist of irony, Miller’s latest scam is to allow Minority Females and Labor to join NAMFS in an attempt to stem the flow of those joining the International Association of Field Service Technicians (IAFST) and, you got it, get their money to help pay Miller and his family’s bills. Miller and his ALL WHITE NAMFS BOARD OF DIRECTORS have taken a page straight out of Adolf Hitler’s playbook — pay us now, up front, or we will mercilessly chargeback you later.

Eric Miller’s hatred of Minority Females and Labor has been known for years. When Foreclosurepedia was first founded, Miller personally informed us that neither he nor NAMFS would ever address the prolific fraud which NAMFS Members perpetrated upon Minority Females and Labor. In fact, Miller refused to even have a discussion about such.

For the first time in recent memory, NAMFS Rank and File took a stand against Miller’s padding of the pockets for National Order Mills like Safeguard Properties, National Field Representatives (NFR) and Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS). And what we additionally know is that the National Order Mills are under extreme pressure to justify their tens of millions of dollars in skimming from US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) allowables and over allowables which never reach the Minority Females and Labor whom are performing the actual work each year. Moreover, the NAMFS Academy, which Rob Preston of Stallion stated misappropriated his educational model, has constantly been on a 40 percent reduction from its one hundred dollar plus price tag, has now dropped to fifty dollars. And while a few folks took the program on the perpetual forty percent reduction, are you curious how many are now rushing to take it at fifty dollars? None. And the National Order Mills all turned their back on Eric Miller when asked if NAMFS Academy Training would give others preferential treatment.

Kyle Nickles, the CEO of NY Field Services, a Mortgage Field Industry firm since 2007, had plenty to say to both Eric Miller and the NAMFS Leadership Summit attendees. As the pom poms were pumping up and down praising the panel, the hard questions began to fly and Nickles, whom used to be seated on the NAMFS Government Relations Committee, pressed hard and took no prisoners.

The first salvo, which had people running for cover from Nickles, focused on the fact that for the first time since 2007, NY Field Services were barely close to even breaking even. With the vast majority of their work coming from Safeguard Properties (SGP), the rebuttal was that all NAMFS members may reach out to their Vendor Coordinators and discuss pay adjustments. Apparently, though, this was a lie. With the finger pointed directly at Tim Rath, SGP’s Director of Vendor Management, Kyle stated that it was made perfectly clear that if the pricing and relationship wasn’t working that Safeguard Properties could easily replace NY Field Services. The party didn’t stop there, though. As Miller and the NAMFS white supremacists were making the rounds pushing the NAMFS Academy, no one was buying in. In fact, when each of the panel were asked whether or not they would grant preferential status for anyone taking the nearly seventy percent discounted NAMFS Academy modules, none were willing to do so.

The desperation of Eric Miller and his Sad Clown posse was evident and there was even an odor of fear in the room. As one attendee put it the feeling was one of being in close proximity to the homeless in a soup kitchen during feeding time. This wasn’t the normal, hat-in-hand, money grab. And both the National Order Mills and Wells Fargo along with Fannie Mae recognized it. In fact, Eric Miller’s fate lies in their hands and honestly, many are questioning why his salary increase from the NAMFS founder, John Ward Thirty Thousand Dollar level, to the current, Eric Miller One Hundred and Twenty Thousand Dollar level, is even worth continuing.

And Safeguard Properties is not only having a problem with Minority Females and Labor, the reality is that they have lost Midland Mortgage, a subsidiary of MidFirst Bank out of Oklahoma City. True to form, with respect to the National Order Mills, MCS has been sued for $1.63 Million by MidFirst Bank for the same incompetence which Safeguard displayed. And it doesn’t stop there. Safeguard lost Wells Fargo and even their recent attempts to regain them has fallen upon deaf ears. MCS, as well, is in dire straights with Wells thus bringing into question was Foreclosurepedia’s prediction that 2017 would see the movement of financial institutions to Labor reset to pre-foreclosure crisis status quo. M&T Bank is not looking promising, either, with their #TeamRegime member Mortgage Specialist International (MSI) whom has assisted in further diluting the actual dollars hitting the ground by and through their Hazard Claims debacle.

Wells Fargo was pretty blunt in its repudiation of the National Order Mills, coming almost as close as HUD did with respect to demanding to know what Minority Females and Labor are being paid in the field. Reading almost like a script from Foreclosurepedia’s predictions several years ago — almost to the date I predicted to be precise — Wells representatives questioned the wisdom of their current relationships. In fact, Wells Fargo, whom has become increasingly adverse to all things liability, are quietly evaluating the current model of how National Order Mills are passing through the HUD – FHA allowables. Moreover, the belief and hope that Minority Females and Labor are being paid, commensurate with that which Wells is telling Congress, is recognized for the pipe dream it truly is.

No matter the website you go to, with respect to NAMFS National Order Mills, one thing is clear: They all praise their length in time of being in the Industry. As the Trump Administration demonstrated in the proposed slashing of Six Billion Dollars from HUD’s budget yesterday, the business as usual model is no longer valid. And for those whom thought that NAMFS Member special interests would continue to prevail at HUD, a recent article by ProPublica appears to show that John Bravacos is not one of them. Many will remember that Foreclosurepedia broke the story that John Bravacos had been tapped for the HUD Transition Team. Bravacos, an advisor to both Milan Thompson’s ASONS and the Ramagos’ CWIS LLC, HUD Prime Vendor Awardees and contenders in the HUD Marketing and Management (M&M) Field Service Manager (FSM) 3.10 offering, did not make the cut for the HUD Beachhead Team. Sources had this to say about Bravacos, seen by many as having one of the largest conflicts of interest in recent memory with respect to the lucrative, multi billion dollar HUD Contracting cycles,

[…] Mr. Bravacos did recuse himself and did not participate in the scheduled meeting with HUD OCPO earlier this week.  However, I’m unaware whether or not any separate meetings were held between the transition team and SF Housing, and if so, whether Mr. Bravacos participated.

Things are not going to get better for NAMFS and the fact of the matter is that unless Eric Miller takes a salary cut, NAMFS will potentially have to file bankruptcy this year, according to their latest IRS Tax Returns. And if you doubt that, simply type NAMFS 990 into Google. You will see that Foreclosurepedia controls almost all of Page One on Google and not a single entry is from NAMFS. That is because NAMFS does not make their tax returns publicly available to its Membership. This, too, is true of the fact that NAMFS refuses to list their physical address. In fact, NAMFS is just about the only non profit in the United States which refuses to publicly document where their offices are other than terrorist organizations and organized crime.

If, as a Minority Female or Labor, you believe that joining NAMFS is going to help your plight, you had best think again. The rates of those whom have served on the NAMFS Subcommittees such as the Government Relations Committee (GRC) have had an extremely high rate of turn over. Why? Well, exit polling data demonstrates that nothing and I mean NOTHING is being done to address the rampant criminality and outright financial terrorism which Eric Miller oversees. If you want change and I mean real change, I suggest you head over to the International Association of Field Service Technicians (IAFST) and speak with them about how they are capitalizing upon the recent exodus of financial institutions from the NAMFS National Order Mill agenda. You may also tune into the highly anticipated and exclusive interview Foreclosurepedia will have with the IAFST Chairman live, next week.

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