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NAMFS Associate Member Insurance Tek Loses Washington Licensing

Eric Miller, the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Executive Director, is parading around stroking himself in anticipation of the NAMFS Leadership Summit in Texas next month. What Miller has not been discussing is fact that the State of Washington’s Insurance Commissioner has formally suspended the licensing of NAMFS Associate Member Vicki Boser and InsuranceTek. In addition, the Washington State Insurance Commissioner has referred Boser and InsuranceTek over for criminal charges. Foreclosurepedia was the first to report upon Miller and the NAMFS Board of Director’s coverup of the serious nature of charges which injured not just NAMFS Rank and File, but others in the Mortgage Field Services Industry.

Many within the Industry are openly questioning the apparent purposeful protection of not only Boser, but dozens of other criminals. Most recently, National Field Network (NFN) laid off almost their entire staff. Millions of dollars are owed by Shari Nott, Chief Executive Officer of NFN whom originally bankrupted out Buczek Enterprises. In fact, Miller has known for over a year of the millions of dollars in fraud committed against Minority Females and Labor with respect to NFN, in particular, and dozens of other NAMFS Members. To say that Eric Miller is a bigot and a racist is not a far stretch anymore.

Miller has also not told his Membership that for months he and the NAMFS Board of Directors were aware of Boser’s conspiracy to commit fraud with respect to illegal finance agreements. Both Miller and his all white Board of Directors Here is a quote from the Order issued removing Boser and InsuranceTek’s insurance license,

InsuranceTek e-signed the premium finance agreement on Slokenberg’s behalf after it had already received a full payment, and sent an invoice receipt for the payment to the customer. InsuranceTek then deliberately substituted its own address for the customer’s address, and as a result, MB Property Inspection Services had no idea a premium finance agreement had been opened in its name.

This is no run of the mill fraud. And since Foreclosurepedia had been successfully bankrupting the financial terrorist organization known as the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS), by and through #OpNAMFS, we have noted an enormity in the sophistication of fraud which Eric Miller oversees daily and remains silent about. And it is going to get far worse unless Eric Miller and his Regime begin to publicly address the fraud which pays his salary of $122,215 per year. That salary consumes over SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT of all NAMFS Member dues. And as NAMFS has lost tens of thousands of dollars per year since Miller’s Regime came to power, the reality is that they continue to refuse to release the names of those whom the IRS has designated as Disqualified Person(s) on the NAMFS IRS 990 Income Tax Filing. Those disqualified persons have siphoned off nearly EIGHTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR in both salaries and expenses.

Eric Miller’s alt right, hyperventilating rhetoric justifying the fraud of his financial terrorists serves as an echochamber for neo nazi hatred of Minority Females and Labor.

The chilling reports of fraud which have occurred under the racist, all white NAMFS leadership are shocking to the conscious. For over half a decade, Eric Miller has championed the causes of his all white NAMFS Members whom have defrauded Minority Females and Labor including the Queen of Racism, Heather Berghorst. As many remember, Berghorst is the former and infamous white woman whom, as the NAMFS Secretary, owned Berghorst Enterprises. Under Berghorst, nearly $2 Million in fraud was committed and when she attempted to file bankruptcy, the federal court took the unprecedented step in forcing her to make good on several claims which were utterly barbaric. Miller also supported Buczek Enterprises, founded by militia oriented Dan Buczek. Buczek later appointed his all white leadership including Adam and Amanda Buczek. Buczek Enterprises threatened the life of Foreclosurepedia’s Editor-in-Chief, Paul Williams for reporting on the nearly $2 Million in fraud committed against Minority Females and Labor.

In a brief, written Q & A, Kara Klotz, Public Affairs for the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner’s office had this to say,

Foreclosurepedia:  I held publication awaiting your reply and appreciate such. I noted that the State of Washington chose not to fine either Vicki Boser or Insurance Tek. I am hopeful that you might expound upon that rationale.

Ms Klotz:  Revoking a license bars the licensee from doing business in Washington and therefore from harming other consumers. We report that to national licensing databases, where other states should be notified that we revoked the licenses in our state. You can check the status of Ms. Boser and InsureTek in other states by contacting their insurance regulators.

Foreclosurepedia:  There are other victims whose names are not listed; however, they spoke with your office. Are there any other cases which the State of Washington is going to pursue in the civil setting? I ask as victims such as Randy Bartosiewicz feel that they are going to have their claims never taken under consideration. I am informed he still has not received any information. He is carbon copied, as well.

Ms Klotz:  Any victims who contacted our office were included in the case file, which is being referred to our criminal investigations unit (CIU). CIU works with state and local prosecutors to bring criminal charges against people who violate state laws.

Foreclosurepedia:  I note that the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) has not publicly removed Vicki Boser or Insurance Tek. Granted, neither appear in the NAMFS Master List, there is a big difference between simply removing a name and ensuring the protection, publicly, of innocent consumers. Both, through each other, were NAMFS Associate Members. I am gravely concerned that a public statement has not been made as this could allow for Ms Boser to spin up through a dba in another state and commit the same offenses. Accordingly, Mr Miller, the NAMFS Executive Director, has been carbon copied.

Ms Klotz:  We cannot comment on NAMFS, you should contact them directly. We do not regulate that organization.

Foreclosurepedia:  Finally, is the public allowed access to the entirety of the victim list which the State of Washington possesses on the civil side and chose not to enter into the record? If not, I would respectfully request the contact information for the FOIA officer whom has jurisdiction over the matter.

Ms Klotz:  You can find information on our public records process here:

Eric Miller has a responsibility to publicly address this horrendous mess which he and the all white NAMFS Board of Directors have allowed to spiral out of control. Even now there are most assuredly victims whom may not even know the extent to which they were violated. This is not a he said she said matter of debts owed. Foreclosurepedia and the Industry at large beseech Miller to work openly and candidly with the State of Washington. Part of recovery is based, in part, upon making amends. The difference between recovery and the law is that NAMFS has both a moral and legal requirement to do such.

Below, you will find the Washington State Insurance Commissioner’s License Revocation Order obtained exclusively by Foreclosurepedia.

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