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NAMFS and 9/11: How Eric Miller Wields Financial Terrorism Against Minority Females and Labor

I had a younger Misclassified Employee — all of you reading are misclassified employees, by the way — ask me the other day, “Why do you do it?” The it was easily defined: Waging war against the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS). The why was a far more complicated proposition. Above and beyond the first people whom attempted to defraud me — and were forced to pay — were NAMFS members, years of horror stories which I personally related on Foreclosurepedia demonstrated to me that NAMFS posed a clear and present danger to Minority Females and Labor. He asked me another question, “Why do you always say Minority Females and Labor?” The truth is that about five years ago, I exposed a conspiracy to specifically target businesses owned by Minority Females by several former, and unsavory NAMFS members. The Labor portion is because each and every day, NAMFS members defraud both Minority Females and Labor as documented by an internal Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS) memo Foreclosurepedia exclusively obtained,

Take It Or Leave It. That has always been the dogma of NAMFS members. Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director, is a prime example. Miller, whose salary is OVER ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR, Miller’s salary which CONSUMES OVER EIGHTY SEVEN PERCENT of all NAMFS member dues, has always been blunt in his hatred of Labor. In fact, as NAMFS members began demanding that everyone tighten their belts and take it on the chin, Miller was receiving TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR PER YEAR pay raises. I met Miller once at the first ever Labor Consortium. So concerned were NAMFS about Minority Females and Labor meeting, that they flew him down from his Ivory Palace in Stow, Ohio. He came, arm in arm, with NAMFS Vice President,  Adriana Farelo-Fernandez. Farelo-Fernandez appeared to at least be empathetic to the attendees; however, Miller towed the Party Line in his disgust for all involved.

For anyone whom has taken the time to read the unvarnished history of the United States, 9/11 did not come as a surprise. Granted, it was an unconscionable act, the reality is that it was only a matter of time. More to the point, though, it could have originated from any of over one hundred different countries the US has chosen to execute its pattern and practice of like minded terrorism upon others.

That statement is meant to make your skin crawl. It is meant to slap your soft, silky face while you complacently relax in your comfortable La-Z-Boy. And hopefully, that statement will force you to throw your remote control at the screen you are reading this on. Why, you might ask? Because those of you out there whom continue to protect NAMFS member fraud, by and through your silence, are more dangerous than the NAMFS members themselves. And for years, the financial terrorism inflicted upon innocent Minority Females and Labor by NAMFS members was considered to be part and parcel a requirement to work within the Mortgage Field Services Industry. Several months ago, that all changed.

On 29 November 2017, Foreclosurepedia launched a full scale assault upon Jack Jaffa, owner of National Management and Preservation Services dba National Field Network (NFN). Jaffa is the brother of Alan Jaffa, CEO of Safeguard Properties. Foreclosurepedia noticed the funneling of millions of dollars to newly established companies which Jaffa, Shari Nott, and Chris Crandell had put together while simultaneously stating that they were bankrupt.

All the Right Movers is an NJ-based eviction company, owned by higher ups at NFN, that does evictions for NFN at a lower discount than other jobbers. All The Right Movers, New Jersey’s Concierge Moving Company. Chik-Chak Station is a thrift store in NJ, also owned by higher ups at NFN, that “buys” items from All the Right Movers after the 30 day storage period ends. https://www.facebook.com/chikchakstation/. Commigrate is a call center, also owned by higher ups at NFN, that provides after hour phone services. The one review on the website is from a manager at NFN using a pseudonym.

And while NFN had first come on Foreclosurepedia’s radar as early as 2014 for their involvement in horrific fraud with respect to Altisource accounts — if you are proud of being a middleman for Altisource you are soon to be on our radar — the reality is that Minority Females and Labor were too busy believing the blue skying about volume increases offsetting pay to risk speaking out.

By March, 2018, Foreclosurepedia had assembled a Team to take on NFN with respect to an arcane piece of legalese which required dedicated commitment and extremely specialized Counsel. Both were assembled along with the thousands of dollars necessary to enter Court. For the first time in the history of the Industry, an Involuntary Bankruptcy was filed against a NAMFS oriented firm. And it was the shot heard around the world. Just last month you could have heard a pin drop when we obtained the financials of Jack Jaffa and National Field Network. Shari Nott, the CEO of NFN was paid over ONE MILLION DOLLARS for the 12 months she claimed there was no money and told misclassified employees that they had no money coming. Nott spent over THREE HUNDRED AND FORTY FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS in credit card expenses last year, as well. And for the first time ever, Foreclosurepedia chose to expose those alleged contractors whom protected Jaffa, Nott, and Crandell by remaining silent. You may read their names here.

Three brave souls, two of whom are International Association of Field Service Technicians (IAFST) members, took on the Vampire Squid NAMFS and Eric Miller, and have thus far, won. In fact, those documents revealed that over NEARLY SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS had been stolen from Minority Females and Labor by Jaffa and his associates. So far out of touch was Jaffa that he requested the Court to allow a legal motion to proceed wherein he ceded power of attorney to another so that his other company, Jaffa & Associates would not suffer criticism.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. And while I am agnostic, I find this to be a truism. I would like to think that when John Ward founded NAMFS, that formation occurred with good intentions. Unfortunately, I cannot. In fact, the only thing good Ward did in his sixty plus years roaming around on Terra Firma was to die quietly. I base this statement upon the release of a series of internal emails exclusively obtained by Foreclosurepedia, dating back to 2003, wherein Ward, et al., sat down with high ranking US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) officials and conspired to defraud not only Minority Females and Labor, but US Taxpayers, as well. The decision was made, then and there in that HUD Office Building in Washington DC, to set into motion one of the most conspiratorial campaigns to defraud the US government since the genesis of the Project On Government Oversight (POGO).

Shari Nott was groomed by John Ward, for years. In fact, Nott was the Chief Operating Officer at Ward and Associates which was acquired by First American where she became Vice President. That’s how it works, you know? Evil begets evil. And eventually, that evil has a day of reckoning.

Here is what the Department of Justice had to say, last month, about NAMFS member’s marking up the prices of that which they paid to Minority Females and Labor on Fannie Mae work orders,

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Many have asked how it is that NAMFS came to have such power and control over the Mortgage Field Services Industry. And many more are asking precisely how Eric Miller received a lifetime appointment as the NAMFS Executive Director. The answer, really, is quite simple: No one ever challenged them until Foreclosurepedia. NAMFS has conducted its Mission Objective of outright financial terrorism upon helpless and innocent Minority Females and Labor for over a quarter of a century. And just like any warmongering and financially abusive organization, the game is up for the Miller Regime. The days of being able to find misclassified employees whom will shoulder the burden of toting NAMFS member debt are gone.

This is a war, plain and simple. And for the vast majority of the misclassified employees whom stand in our way; for those folks whom remained silent attempting to protect Jack Jaffa, Shari Nott, Chris Crandell and the National Field Network Regime, I recommend you step quickly to McDonald’s as they are hiring.

MSI is yet another good example of how Eric Miller protects those whom keep his wallet fat. MSI has been bouncing checks for weeks now and in the case of Alliance Property Inspections, they simply are not paying.

Anyone whom believes that Collective Bargaining is not coming to the Industry has had their heads buried in the sand. And it is not simply because of the Dynamex ruling which made it the law of the land in at least the Blue States. For years, Eric Miller has refused to police the criminals within the ranks of NAMFS. And to that point I want to be clear: If you are a NAMFS member, your association with those criminals in your ranks makes you a criminal. Period.

The one part of every new Master Services Agreement (MSA) that has been issued, even by MCS, states very clearly, that they cannot prevent actions in accordance with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). And it is that part that already has NAMFS member’s assholes puckering up so tight you cannot get stick pins in them. And in the coming months, those four letters; this discussion which I began nearly six years ago; will ultimately be the end of NAMFS, as it is known, today.

The Concentration Camp, which the Industry has now become, no longer has the Miller Regime Gestapo guards marching along its perimeters. In fact, NAMFS has effectively been neutered which is long overdue. What presents, though, are those NAMFS sympathizers whom are attempting to scurry back into the ranks of Labor and pretend that they never were over in the dark Facebook groups order milling work out to those whom are now poised to take the reigns. And make no mistake that I have a Blacklist of those names. If you have been receiving Awards and At-a-Boys from the Industry congratulating you for making money on the backs of innocent Minority Females and Labor, we are coming for you!

The reason Minority Females and Labor have the ability to publicly discuss their grievances today is because of Foreclosurepedia. For over a decade and a half, the Miller Regime ensured the exportation of Eric Miller’s own, personal brand of fascism upon any whom challenged his criminally corrupt cronies. To the tune of nearly $15 Million dollars, Eric Miller has overseen the largest Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) umbrella ever seen within federal contracting. Eric Miller personally protected Heather Berghorst, owner of Berghorst Enterprises — and several other RICO formed entities —  and the former, now bankrupt NAMFS Secretary. Berghorst defrauded, at least, $1.5 Million from Minority Females and Labor. Eric Miller personally protected Adam and Amanda Buczek, the children of NAMFS legacy and original NAMFS member Dan Buczek. Their brother, Shane Buczek, went to prison for defrauding financial institutions and all were held for nearly 13 hours by FBI, Secret Service, and ATF Agents for attempting to pass fraudulent currency. The Buczek’s defrauded nearly $2 Million from Minority Females and Labor. Eric Miller personally protected Robert “English Bob” Kapeluch and the Newkirk’s whom defrauded over $1 Million from Minority Females and Labor. Are you starting to get the point?!

There can be no further capitulation like the cowards involved in the Jack Jaffa – National Field Network scandal. Those cowards are listed here,

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There can be no negotiating with these financial terrorists going forward. The time has come to begin removing those complicit with the Miller Regime and working hand-in-hand with state legislatures to remove those NAMFS members whom have targeted Minority Females and Labor for far too long.

Paul Williamshttps://foreclosurepedia.org
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.



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