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Mortgage Delinquencies Up in Half a Dozen States

Defaults Rise as Industry Pricing Falls to All Time Lows!

Vermont and New Hampshire led the charge in mortgage delinquencies at 24 and 23 percent respectively. Rhode Island came in behind them at 20 percent. “Higher unemployment, lower personal savings, increases in property taxes and insurance, and a run-up in credit card debt and delinquency contributed to conditions that would make it tougher for some homeowners to make their mortgage payments,” Marina Walsh, MBA’s vice president of industry analysis, said in a statement. New Hampshire and South Dakota rounded out the bottom of the list at 4.7 and 5 percent respectively. So, how does this translate to work? Glad you asked!

Virtually all originators whom provide contracts to Prime Vendors are open to engaging boots-on-the-ground Labor. Fact of the matter is they realize services are performed more rapidly and that more of their money is applied to the service rather than overhead and profit.

We have multiple articles out about how Contractors may engage originators direct. In addition, Credit Unions, Realtors, and investors are always looking for skilled Contractors. Foreclosurepedia consults on behalf of nearly 50 different clients each month pushing their agenda. If you need help and want to Retain Foreclosurepedia, feel free to reach out today!

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