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Mortgage Asset Management Client And Vendor List On Parade

I never really understood why the Mortgage Field Services Industry is so hellbent on releasing compartmentalized information. Take Mortgage Asset Management (MAM), a component of Leading Edge Companies (LEC), for example. What is apparent, from jump, is that these n00bs have not a clue what Joomla is or how to properly compartmentalize data as our Investigative Video on the Foreclosurepedia YouTube Channel shows. Whether by choice or incompetence, MAM – LEC put their entire Client and Vendor Network out on front street like a freshman prom date groping in the dark. The video below will walk you through the entire debacle which, I am sure, they will attempt to clean up by morning.

Although I did not find that they were National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Members, their Client and Vendor List was chock full of NAMFS Rank and File. Even the good ‘ol NAMFS Offender Members like the Carol Boyd of Boyd Property Preservation, Adam and Amanda Buczek of Buczek Enterprises and Sherry Bailey whom attempted to Deep Six New Heights Real Estate Services — Bailey is the one whom conspired with Terry Platt to cross state lines, using electronic means in the furtherance of civil rights deprivation on LinkedIn — are present and accounted for.

The MAM Search Page Gives Real Hope To A Secure Industry,'Eh?!
The MAM Search Page Gives Real Hope To A Secure Industry,’Eh?!

What really hit home; what really conveyed to me that the MAM – LEC marriage may not be the best thing since sliced bread in the Industry was their relying upon the fact that they allege to be an oilfield drilling outfit with 100 years experience. I mean, I think I would have picked something a little closer to the mark I was attempting to represent,

LEC quick to point out their experience on their website!
LEC quick to point out their experience on their website. Note the problems with the English Language in the What New and then read that Section!

The one I really love, though is the No Fee Occupancy Inspection! I mean this takes the cake!

LEC No Fee Occupancy Inspections!
LEC No Fee Occupancy Inspections!

Anyway, here is Foreclosurepedia’s Feature Presentation. It lists all of MAM – LECs Clients and Vendors. Perhaps this will clue the Industry in that Foreclosurepedia is performing Due Diligence and if you are so lame as to use an IP Address to pretend to hide — Hell, I didn’t even need to go onto the Dark Net or use TOR for this one — there is no way in hell anyone can say Consumer Information is safe in the Industry today!

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