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Mile High Dilemma: Medical Marijuana and the Industry

As if the Mortgage Field Industry didn't have enough to worry about, The Mile High City is bringing Going Green into Full Focus. Denver, Colorado, has recently enacted one of the more well known cases of Medical Marijuana Licensing bringing it into full view on their City Government Website.

In an Industry wherein felons are employed both at the Prime Vendor Level; those whom send Work Order into the Field and Contractors themselves, the question becomes whether or not the Mortgage Field Services Industry is ever going to be able to comply with its current Regulatory Requirements let alone the new ones on the horizon.

Many on here are familiar with my description of a good portion of the current Industry Contractors today: Death grip on a pipe with a 40 between the legs driving a Hatchback Pinto and the electrical cord to the lawn mower dragging along side. That description is a

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