Mickey Dale Snow: Thailand Or Bust

Sheriff Sam Page, Rockingham County, North Carolina, is the neighbor of MICKEY DALE SNOW. An interesting and ironic twist in a made for tv drama unfolding in Eden, North Carolina, right now. At a time when the Mortgage Field Services Industry could least afford the negative attention; at a moment when the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) was poised to potentially climb from the red to the black, MICKEY DALE SNOW and his marauding band of pedophiles left their mark upon a rural Appalachian community.

On Monday, October 5, 2015, a Rockingham County Grand Jury convened to consider Bills of Indictment presented by the Rockingham County District Attorney’s Office.

Among the Bills of Indictment presented were those that arose out the Eden Police Department’s investigation of Thomas Obie Woodall, Teresa Ann Vanover, Everett James Ferris, Jr., and Mickey Dale Snow.

After considering the Bills of Indictment related to Woodall, Vanover, Ferris and Snow, the Grand Jury returned the following True Bills of indictment:

Woodall – 12 counts of Statutory Sex Offense and 12 counts of Patronizing a Prostitute; Ferris – 6 counts of Indecent Liberties with a Child and 6 counts of Patronizing a Prostitute; and MICKEY DALE SNOW – 6 counts of Statutory Sex Offense and 6 counts of Patronizing a Prostitute.

Teresa VanoverAll of the charges are in direct connection with Teresa Vanover, whom was charged with 24 counts of Child Abuse by Prostitution and 24 counts of Promoting Prostitution.

Foreclosurepedia reached out to Lia Bantavani, Public Affairs Officer for the US Attorney, Western District of North Carolina in Charlotte.  Ms Bantavani was kind enough to direct us to the proper Public Affairs Liaison in the Middle District whom we are currently awaiting a reply from.

We additionally reached out to the US Department of State, Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs. Katherine Pfaff, US Department of State Public Affairs Officer, of CNN Fame, responded back the following,

The FBI is lead on this case, so we refer you to them for comment. 



Katherine Pfaff  •  Office of Press Relations  •  Bureau of Public Affairs  •  U.S. Department of State

The Federal Bureau of Investigation was contacted by Foreclosurepedia, and replied by and through Shelley Lynch,

You can access the public documents regarding this matter on PACER for the USAO for the Middle District of NC.  I have attached a link below. You must have a login and password to access the site.

The clues were there all along. Foreclosurepedia had predicted precisely how deep MICKEY DALE SNOW had permeated the Mortgage Field Services Industry including a plethora of National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Member operations. Fact of the matter is that MICKEY DALE SNOW had been running game in and out of the NAMFS Member Establishment since his first hustle under the US Department of Housing and Urban and Development (HUD) Marketing and Management (M&M) Contract. Like a teenage male whore in the Soho District, MICKEY DALE SNOW plied the Establishment with both money and favors. All told, a Source Speaking on Condition of Anonymity stated that he possessed the records totaling around EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS IN BRIBES TO HMBI PERSONNEL. It was a duck shoot under HMBI. In fact, it was under this first federal contract that MICKEY DALE SNOW learned how to perfect the art of the hustle. While may may call MICKEY DALE SNOW a woman’s man, I submit that, in my humble opinion, he was more the type to pursue young little boys into public restrooms. It is on this point that I want to be very clear: The records exist tying MICKEY DALE SNOW directly to Pay For Play Schemes vis-a-vis payments to HMBI personnel as a kickback regimen.

The fix was in and everyone from the East Coast to the West Coast appeared to be cashing in on the greatest shakedown in history. For those whom I have spoken with in the Higher Echelons of Industry Power, it is quite apparent that the public MICKEY DALE SNOW was quite dissimilar to the private MICKEY DALE SNOW. When juxtaposed, though, with reports from a plethora of internal former and current Snow Enterprises employees, a quite nefarious rendition of the Mortgage Field Services Industry is painted.

It became apparent, early on in Foreclosurepedia’s adolescence, that keeping tabs on the Snow Family was mandatory. In similar fashion to the Clinton’s and Bush’s, so to does the Industry have Dynastic tendencies. One only needs to take a brief trip down memory lane of those firms Foreclosurepedia has been instrumental in bankrupting. Remember, the Buczeks? How about the Berghorsts? Ah, and no one can forget the true epitomy of a fucking bitchslap upon the haggard face of Carol Boyd. Boyd was the bitch whom threatened and intimidated her former sister-in-law in an attempt to silence her from speaking to Foreclosurepedia. Boyd was a Bronze level supporter of NAMFS and Fat Boy Miller, the Executive Director of NAMFS, rfused to do jack shit.

Remember UPAMS? Remember the sham sale of UPAMS? Care to take a guess where the New and Improved and Independently owned UPAMS is? That’s right. It is in the same white trash strip mall that MICKEY DALE SNOW and his ilk profit from. More on this and the Snow Empire conglomeration of real estate assets later.

Guardian Services, LLC
698 S. Linden Drive Suite 112, Eden, NC 27288
(336) 627-9998

Email: contact@guardianams.com

Or how about our near and dear Somporn “Porn” Hewitt-Tongsua proprietor of Tongsua Management? Yes, dear Porn had made the fatal error of originally establishing her base of Florida Operations out of the closet at MICKEY DALE SNOW GHQ — or maybe I should say from underneath the desk?! Demary Johnson, a former Tongsua Employee, reached out begging for her milk money paycheck to continue and advising I should mind my own business. Fact of the matter is that Tongsua Management was already shuttering their doors in late September leaving both Clients and Contractors out in the cold. Dear Porn is a former resident of Thailand, by the way. I doubt that there was misunderstanding between HUD Prime Vendors and Pre Conveyance Servicers when Porn came a calling with the Tongsua Management calling card.

There was no mistaking the fact that the original address of Tongsua Management was that of MICKEY DALE SNOW’s place of residence in Eden, NC, as noted below in the filing of the Limited Liability Company, Tongsua Management, with the State of Florida. There was also no mistaking the fact that Tongsua Management closed its doors 25 September 2015. The problem lies in the fact that a plethora of NAMFS Members continued using Tongsua even after they  no longer legally existed.


 Tongsua Eden NC

There are news reports coming in daily with respect to the late night escape of MICKEY DALE SNOW. According to the five-page document, Snow fled to Amsterdam and then to Panama, where he was denied entry into Costa Rica. Panamanian police, noting the sex crime charges some 2,000 miles away in Rockingham County, sent him back through the Netherlands to Thailand. Snow sold properties and drained accounts, the warrant says, “to travel, to remain abroad and to avoid returning to the United States for a considerable amount of time.” For those like Demary Johnson whom contacted Foreclosurepedia pleading for us to back off the investigation into Somporn Hewitt, the reality is that they will find no safe haven nor quarter upon the face of the earth as long as I am alive.

Damary Johnson:  Please remove and stop associating Pon with Mickey Snow and Snow Enterprises. I work for Pon and your suggestion that she has -any- association -anymore- with that man is causing us all to possibly lose work. I have an infant to feed[.]

— Are you fucking shitting me? You are more worried about your paycheck than the lives of a 13 and 15 year old whom suffer from mental hygiene issues?

Foreclosurepedia has amassed nearly 100 hours of debriefing from former C Level Snow Enterprises personnel, employees, friends and family members. This weekend we will begin to roll out these never discussed before statements and begin to level the proverbial cannons upon the final bulwarks of NAMFS and their seedy lot. While I have not the luxury of religion, I am hopeful that Eric Miller and his kind find solace in the fact that the US Bureau of Prisons issue a Holy Bible upon request.

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