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Michigan: Detroit Is Representative Of Preservation Industry

Governor Snyder is on right now speaking about the fact that the Detroit City Government was the final obstacle in bringing reform. The Bankruptcy filing at 1604 CST today was a rush to the Courthouse while corrupt politicians are running for the exits. While Michigan, as a whole, is somewhat pulling itself up by the bootstraps, Detroit is still indicative on precisely how the Property Preservation Industry is ran.

Zero transparency, screwing over those whom provide services and laying more and more burden upon those whom can no longer shoulder such is that which the Property Preservation Industry Kingpins have been doing for years.  The only difference, not dissimilar to Detroit, is that they have cranked up the pace.

The Industry narrative is that Contractors make “…all the mistakes…” and the National Order Mills are simply doing the bidding of their Clients is the epitome of the mess we are in today. I am currently working on several Interviews wherein larger Companies are owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in one case and possibly millions of dollars in another by an Ohio based Conglomerate. Not to be left out, I am also investigating a Michigan based Firm whose heavy handed tactics seems to portray threats utilized on a daily basis to keep Contractors in line. Everyone should always remember that taped recordings help far more than emails. Financial Institutions would do well to ratchet up their auditing which Foreclosurepedia is well aware of. At the end of the day, liability will come home to roost upon the doorsteps of the very same Financial Institutions whom created the problem.


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