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MFS Supply: One Of The FEW Good Things In The Industry

By in large, when I have a Work Order which requires Lock Changes, I either head over to a locksmith friend of ours or Lowes. Why? Quite frankly, the products I had ordered online before were locks only in name. Virtually everything today is made in China. Two things the Chinese have completely screwed up on their Mortgage Field Services Industry locks are the spindles (they are almost ALWAYS plastic) and both the length and threading of the screw sets.

Last Tuesday we received a Work Order from a Client whom had a high end mansion which needed 17 locks. The due date was Thursday. Shit. 17 locks on one property?! Well, with the exotic nature of the key code I cringed as I would be forced to wade out into the No Man’s Land of eCommerce.

MFS Supply popped in my head primarily because I had written about them last year. What the hell, I thought. Firing up the Android Smartphone, the site spun up and surprisingly the phone number was hot linked! Two rings later — no one answers in two rings so I figured it would be a computer voice — a human answered. Polite and friendly, she found out where I was and then transferred me over to a gentleman whom covered it. BAM! I dropped signal. Dammit, I have to close out of a bunch of crap and find that number … The phone rings. Odd, I thought as I didn’t recognize the number. I answered and on the other end was James Hudson of MFS Supply.

After stating he apologized for dropping the call — now, remember I hadn’t even made the connection during transfer and yet he already shouldered responsibility — we got down to business. Now, bear in mind my order wasn’t thousands of dollars; I wasn’t like some Super Regional Order Mill. That is important because what happened next is part of the reason why I will stick with MFS Supply. It is ALSO IMPORTANT because it communicated, to me, that MFS Supply has a mindset that EACH AND EVERY Customer is important!

Hudson knew his product; Hudson knew his product like Helen Keller knew braille! He recommended adding here and there because the mathematical price points changed. While normally not a big deal to many, the reality was that it saved me both time and money. Next, Hudson created all of my New Customer information in less time than it takes me to pack a dip in my lip. No bullshit, because I was at the check out counter getting some coffee and packing one. It didn’t end there, though. Hudson tossed a TEN PERCENT discount.

Figuring I had better get out before my patch of good fortune left, he began to review the Order. I knew that the Shipping Price was coming up and cringed. TWENTY BUCKS! Get the hell out of here! Yup, and 48 hour delivery! It was actually only 30 hours as I went down to the UPS Terminal and picked up the boxes.

The reality is that MFS Supply could have sent the locks with ASSEMBLY NECESSARY and at the price I would have been content. This is the part of the story, though, that I am HIGHLY IMPRESSED with. When I opened the first box two things became evident: First, the keys had the Key Code stamped and that is CRITICAL and a blessing. Second, the construction of the locks were damn good!

When I do a Lowes Re Key I generally use Gatehouse. It used to be that Kwikset were required; however, those days are gone. The MFS Supply locks were solid; from an ergonomic point-of-view, I have no complaints and only praise. From jump, the spindle is metal. Additionally, the tensile strength of the metal is far better than anything I have been accustomed to in the past from online distributors. Finally, the length of the screws and the thread sets are optimal. Most folks may think that is nuts, but when you do the amount of locks I do; when you work and live in areas where they pump in the sunlight, it is a SERIOUS deal!

So, I believe that in all the years I have blogged I recommended one person — NEVER have I recommended a Company. MFS Supply broke that mold. The reality is that I want to do a few videos for the Foreclosurepedia Podcast demonstrating some field tests of MFS Supply’s product versus both Lowes and some of the crap I still have left over from other competitors. I am researching the legalese on it and am pretty sure it is Kosher for want of better words. I am hopeful that MFS Supply might allow Hudson to talk a bit with me about their Company. Why? Well, I think it is important to drill down on why things work — remember the phone call dropping?!

At the end of the day, MFS Supply gets a Thumbs Up from Foreclosurepedia. The irony is that we have five Firms wanting to advertise on the Site and they are still in a holding pattern as I am loathe to recommend anything to Contractors I wouldn’t buy. MFS Supply? I wouldn’t give any more thought to carving out space for them than I would passing salt at the dinner table!

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