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Mathis and Lambert: Together Again Compliments Of NAMFS Members

BREAKING NEWS: How is it that the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime is able to say that their buddies over at Aspen Grove Solutions are doing a single background check? GM Management Group is yet another spun up atrocity used to target innocent Contractors. The Financial Institutions and Portfolio Holders; the NAMFS Regime, could give two shits if any Contractor EVER GETS PAID anymore! Let’s face facts here: Foreclosurepedia’s Intelligence Network rivals most government intelligence agencies these days. The below is just in from a Source speaking on condition of anonymity,


I would like to thank you for reporting on the fraudulent activities of Jason Mathis and Brandon Lambert.  We are a software company and have been scammed several times by these miscreants.  I just received a request from a new company for information on our software.  I am learning to do a bit of checking on potential new customers, so I went to the company’s website.  Turns out it’s just the latest front associated with these two.  One would think they would at least use an alias, but to the benefit of everyone, they have not figured this out yet.

Here is the contact information from the email I received:

Kashira Farley
Property Manager
Phone:(404)600-1675 EXT 106
Toll Free:(866)943-3908 EXT 106
Direct: (404)600-1675

Visiting the website and clicking on “About Us” then “Divisions and Teams” showed me all I needed to know:

So, Brandon Lambert and Jason Mathis defraud thousands of Contractors and big names like Safeguard Properties and MCS both hired them in the past. It would appear that NAMFS Members are back to allowing their buddies back under the tent for another Buczek Enterprises run at the apple. The reality is that if you want to know whom is kosher to work for, Foreclosurepedia is where to come. Starting to sound more and more like a trip to North Carolina is in order.

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