Jonnie Rumbaugh, York Jersey Co Owner, Hired As Consultant For National Field Representatives

Independent contractors are not eligible for workers' compensation coverage; employers are not required by state law to purchase coverage for independent contractors. --- Bethany K Laurence, Attorney

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Jonnie Rumbaugh, Co-Owner of York Jersey Insurance, announced today that workman’s compensation insurance must be purchased on behalf of Subcontractors by Contractors. Rumbaugh made this announcement in the capacity as National Field Network’s (NFR) Consultant. I want that to sink in for just a moment. Rumbaugh is making mandatory the purchasing of yet more products in order for Minority Females and Labor to be able to work. Look, Jonnie and Elizabeth Rumbaugh have made a career out of profiting upon the backs of Minority Females and Labor within the Mortgage Field Services Industry. Simply pull up the price of his property located at 8 Lawley Dr Lincroft, New Jersey, if you think that the Insurance Business is not booming for Rumbaugh.

Rumbaugh is a man whom has long been accustomed to forcing billing upon Minority Females and Labor based upon spurious reasons. Take for example the fact that Rumbaugh forced policyholders of York Jersey to pay a “NAMFS Service Fee” until confronted by Foreclosurepedia in September, 2013. Rumbaugh stated that although the NAMFS — the National Association of Mortgage Field Services — Service Fee did not benefit the Association directly, he could not explain why the acronym was used. They reworded the form, but still collect the fee today. This should not be surprising, though, to anyone. It is par for the course when it comes to how NAMFS members treat Minority Females and Labor. Here are Rumbaugh’s demands for anyone wanting to work for NFR,

What Rumbaugh failed to inform anyone was the fact that it is both illegal and impossible for a contractor to purchase workman’s compensation on behalf of an independent contractor.

Independent contractors are not eligible for workers’ compensation coverage; employers are not required by state law to purchase coverage for independent contractors. — Bethany K Laurence, Attorney

The reality is that Hank Cossingham’s company is continuing to violate virtually each and every aspect of employee misclassification. And in light of the fact that Cossingham has inherited the contract from Jack Jaffa and Shari Nott, both under Involuntary Bankruptcy, it doesn’t take a scientist to understand how Fannie Mae (FNMA) and Reverse Mortgage Solutions (RMS) are making serious waves with the handling now. And it is to this point that I find the darkest sense of irony.

Since 2010 Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director, has known that there were no independent contractors in the Mortgage Field Services Industry. And over the past year, tens of millions of dollars have been paid to silence Minority Females and Labor with claims of employee misclassification. Assurant Field Asset Services was sold, in part, because of these claims.

And yet here is Jonnie Rumbaugh attempting to make just a few more dollars before the gates close. Rumbaugh and Cossingham have hit a new low in the seedy and unregulated world of the Industry. Opportunists, nothing more glamorous. And for anyone whom decides that they are going to further the financial opportunism of Rumbaugh, Foreclosurepedia is putting you on notice that we will find you and report you directly to the proper authorities for misclassification of employees.

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