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Investors Seeking Cap Rates Of 7.5% For SFR Build To Rent Portfolios

A pool of Investors are currently looking for Broker – Developers and Construction Firms throughout Florida, the Birmingham – Huntsville, and Atlanta areas. This is NOT Property Preservation. Previous, documented new home construction mandatory! From the property point-of-view, they seek primarily developed lots in quantity wherein three bedroom, two bath, double car garage Single Family Residences at 1300 square feet may be constructed meeting a 7.5% Cap Rate and above. From the Contractors, they are seeking minimum of 12 builds per month to start and scalability upwards. These are all one hundred percent financed — for Contractors that means 40/25/25/10.

A proven track record of previous builds necessary. Construction licensing required for all aspects of proposal or documented subcontractor agreements with those licensed. Portfolio of previous documentable experience. All insurances necessary to facilitate any pitch brought forward including Possession of DUNS and registration with SAM and Ally Connect. No bankruptcies within the past 10 years. No felony convictions within the past 10 years. D&B PAYDEX or FICO at or above 690.

These pools will continue expansion targeting both the Sun and Rust Belts. Additionally, portfolios are being sought for bulk purchases of homes built after 1960 with $40K or less rehab expenses and Cap Rates of 7.5% and above. Pre competition applications required. Reach out direct for further information or fill out the attached form below.


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