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Investors Begin Targeting Future Foreclosures

Earlier today, Foreclosurepedia had the opportunity to speak with a hedge fund manager. The call primarily revolved around the future targeting of foreclosures. With billions of dollars sitting around idle, the reality is that many in the financial sector know real estate is a solid investment. To date, though, the ability to nab assets from a dwindling inventory has hit a tough patch. And while there are moratoriums in place — CDC giving a pass to renters and the US Government backstopping about 40% of the mortgages — come the first quarter of next year, the jig will soon be up. Moreover, though, the other 60% of non QM mortgages have limited reprieve. Conservative estimates place the defaults above 15 million.

Contractors in the Mortgage Field Services Industry are poised to take down a gold mine. On the front lines, inspectors document assets weeks before financial institutions move forward with lis pendens and other legal filings. And to that point, there is nothing preventing those photos from being sold for far more than the inspections themselves pay.

On the other side of the coin, contractors currently performing services for pennies on the dollar are also going to be in high demand. As opposed to footing all the expenses for weeks before being paid — if they are even paid — the reality is that Investors are willing to finance the rehab and restoration of assets throughout the country. If you are tired of the rat race and being charged back by unscrupulous vendors, why not reach out today and start working for people whom both appreciate your work and have no qualms paying what you are owed?

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