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Identity Theft: Do The Nationals Foot The Tab

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?  We all know the new knee jerk reactions of wanting tens of thousands of Contractor’s financial data spread all over the place.  The question presents this:  In the event that there is a breach in the Network, AND YOU KNOW THAT the fly-by-night Regionals have piss poor security as I pointed out in my last article, are Contractors able to file Insurance Claims against the Regionals and ultimately the Nationals?  This posits the question:  Is the Contractor legally entitled to possess the names, addresses, social security numbers and driver’s license numbers of ALL parties possessing samesaid of the Contractors and their subs?  Additionally, are Contractors legally allowed to be named as ADDITIONALLY INSURED on the Regional and National’s Insurance Policies?

The Industry wanted absolutely NO dialogue nor input by a single Contractor on this matter.  I say let them reap what the sow!  Galatians speaks volumes on this!

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