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Hurricane Creates New Inlet Between Palm Beach and St Augustine

The Social Media Sphere has been burning up over the past several days with questions about why the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) refused to alert any of its Members to Hurricane Matthew. In fact, many are now beginning to question precisely what Eric Miller is doing to earn his One Hundred and Twenty Thousand Dollar Plus Annual Salary. Miller, NAMFS Executive Director, has been under fire recently as a direct result of Foreclosurepedia filing, for the third straight year, an IRS 13909 Complaint based upon his refusal to release the NAMFS tax returns required under federal law. As nearly 30 are dead with 20 of those in North Carolina, the question presents why is NAMFS refusing to inquire as to the well being of its Membership!

Eric Miller’s salary consumes over seventy percent of all NAMFS Member dues. In fact, Miller’s salary, which has had ten thousand dollar a year raises for years, is twice the national average for trade association executive directors. And while Eric Miller may be indemnified, those whom are on the NAMFS Board of Directors approving his salary and facilitating the fraud most assuredly are not. It is those folks and others seated upon NAMFS Committees whom Foreclosurepedia will begin to target in future articles.

As in all things involving sociopaths, neither Eric Miller nor a single NAMFS Board of Directors nor NAMFS Committee Members have reached out to inquire with respect to the safety of the NAMFS Rank and File in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia or Florida. As if reaffirming the salient point that NAMFS Rank and File are merely  ATM collection points to finance Eric Miller’s flamboyant lifestyle, internal documents obtained exclusively by Foreclosurepedia are painting an extremely sickening picture of precisely how Miller’s FY2016 expense account is shaping up.

And for those who believe that status quo is the expected result of Miller’s actions, I draw their attention to Foreclosurepedia’s prediction that Wells Fargo had run its course with respect to their abuse of the American Public.

John Stumpf, who led Wells Fargo & Co. through the financial crisis and built it into the world’s most valuable bank, stepped down as chief executive officer and chairman, bowing to public outcry over legions of accounts opened by his employees for customers who didn’t request them.

Stumpf, 63, is retiring from both posts effective immediately, the bank said Wednesday in a statement. Tim Sloan, 56, the chief operating officer long viewed as his most likely successor, will become CEO. Lead director Stephen Sanger will become the board’s non-executive chairman. Elizabeth Duke, a former Federal Reserve Board governor, will be vice chair.

Fuck John Stufpf and Fuck Eric Miller. No two ways around it. Both are a menace to society and the fact of the matter is that both pose a clear and present danger to civil society in my opinion. We are digging deeply into precisely whom has supported and for how long they have supported Eric Miller behind the scenes. Time and time again Eric Miller and his Regime reaffirm that NAMFS Rank and File are merely those whom choose to be taxed without representation. Over the next several months you are going to hear about an alternative Association. When we did; when we saw the legitimate bridge between Labor and Management, we were floored!

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