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Huffington Post Cites PPMS Allegations

In a recent article published on Huffington Post by Ben Hallman Foreclosurepedia allegations pertaining to PPMS were brought to light.  These allegations surrounded the fact that PPMS refused to pay Contractors tens of thousands of dollars for services rendered on US Department of Veterans Affiars, US Department of Housing and Urban Development and other foreclosed properties throughout the United States.  It was further substantiated that National REO Providers hired PPMS and should have known that Brandon Lambert, identified as PPMS’ Chief Financial Officer, was a felon.  This is the first time, that we are aware of, that a mainstream media outlet has given attention to the plight of Contractors and the rampant abuse being thrust upon them by the National and Regional REO Servicers.  We commend Mr. Hallman and the Huffington Post and look forward to articles, in the future, which expose the seedy underbelly of the Property Preservation Industry.

It is extremely important to point out that the National and Regional REO Servicers have ramped up their assaults upon Contractors which will force even more disastrous results.  To date, PPMS has refused to pay any Contractors, The US Department of Veterans Affairs have refused to pay any Contractors and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development states there is no need for an Office of the Inspector General Investigation.

Intervention by the federal government is the only way to end this nightmare on behalf of the homeowners and Contractors alike!

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