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HUD To Roll Out 5 Region Inspections Contract

HUD To Roll Out New Construction Draw Contract

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is preparing to open up a multi-region construction draw contract. Contractors will perform inspections of HUD Multifamily (MF) projects under repair, construction or substantial rehabilitation. MF projects serviced by the Contractor under this contract will involve either HUD-insured or HUD’s Capital Advance programs. The contractor must assist all parties (owner, sponsor, architect, builder, mortgage company, consultant) in construction contract administration procedures, issues, and the preparation and submission of HUD forms. HUD anticipates awarding up to two contracts for each of the five regions but reserves the right to combine regions into one contract award if one contractor receives an award for more than one region or expand or reduce the size of a geographic region under an awarded contract. The following are the FHA Regions up for grabs,

Northeast Region (by FHA zone): Washington D.C (000) and 13 States: Connecticut (017), Delaware (032), Maine (FHA 022), Massachusetts (023), Maryland (052), New Hampshire (024), New Jersey (North 031 and South 035), New York (Buffalo 014 and New York City 012), Pennsylvania (East 034 and West 033), Rhode Island (016), Vermont (026), Virginia (051), and West Virginia (045).

Southeast Region (by FHA zone): Puerto Rico (056) and 8 States: Alabama (062), Florida (North 063, Central 067, and South 066), Georgia (061), Kentucky (083), Mississippi (065), North Carolina (053), South Carolina (054), and Tennessee (Knoxville 087, Memphis 081, Nashville 086).

Midwest Region (by FHA zone): 6 States: Illinois (Chicago 071 and Springfield 072), Indiana (073), Michigan (Detroit 044, Grand Rapids 047, and Flint 048), Minnesota (092), Ohio (Cleveland 042, Columbus 043 and Cincinnati 046), and Wisconsin (075).

Southwest Region (by FHA zone): 9 States: Arkansas (082), Iowa (074), Kansas(102), Louisiana (064), Missouri (East 085 and West 084), Nebraska (103), New Mexico (116), Oklahoma (East 118 and West 117), and Texas (Fort Worth 113, Houston 114, and San Antonio 115).

West Region (by FHA zone): 14 States: Alaska (176), Arizona (123), California (Los Angeles 122, Riverside 143, San Diego 129, San Francisco 121, and Norther 136), Colorado (101), Hawaii (14), Idaho (124), Montana (093), Nevada (125), North Dakota (094), Oregon (126), South Dakota (091), Utah (105), Washington (171 and Seattle 127), and Wyoming (109).

Below are anticipated volumes based on CLIN bidding,

HUD is anticipating that the RFP will roll out next month. If interested in bidding, reach out to Foreclosurepedia to schedule a Consultation to see if you are eligible. A DUNS and SAM Account are both required. If you do not have one, Foreclosurepedia is able to obtain them for you.

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