HUD: Next Generation Contracts

Sources speaking on condition of anonymity released some of the most groundbreaking information yet.  As we all know, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has been having a pretty tough go at it with respect to the Old Guard Companies it has been dealing with on the Management and Marketing (M&M) Program.  HUD M&M 3.6, on the Field Service Management (FSM) side attempted to deal with many of the problems associated with the property preservation aspects.  With the separation of the Asset Management (AM) portion from the FSM some of the problems were addressed after M&M 3.0; however, the faces simply have never changed nor the continuation of the HUD Office of Inspector General (OIG) Reports.  In any addiction treatment program, those in recovery are admonished to stay away from those whom foster their addictions.  The M&M and the Old Guard Companies are no different with respect to HUD.

For years, information with respect to HUD and how the HUD M&M worked, was kept close to the chest proverbially speaking.  Foreclosurepedia, in only a handful of months, has broken this Cabal wide open.  Not only have we been dead on with respect to our predictions, we are looking towards the future.  Our future allows for ALL eligible Contractors and Companies to be able to meaningfully participate in the HUD M&M Process!

I am guessing that on the AM side we are looking at all areas which were not awarded under M&M 3.5 coming under the re-procurement process.  My numbers look to be around 30 – 33 States.  On the FSM side, we are looking at all areas which were not awarded under the M&M 3.6 coming under the re-procurement process.  My numbers look to be around 32 -36 States.

Timeline of Process:  I would look for a Sources Sought to be Mid June to Mid July 2013.  I would anticipate an Industry Day in late July to Mid August, 2013.  Solicitation sometime between Late August to Mid September, 2013.  Awards would probably come Late January to Mid February, 2014.

We had initially looked at several Clients we Consulted to early on as potential Contractor friendly entities.  Of late, though, we currently have no one whom which we would feel comfortable stating should be looked at.  The reality is that one of them has a tremendous foreign influence with which we are extremely uncomfortable with (Files available here) and the other one had a death in the family which has caused timeline issues (Our Prayers go out to their family).

So, how does this play out for the Contractors and Brokers?  Well, those Contractors listed within our ISTAR Database are obviously going to be reached out to for the FSM portion no matter whom is the Awardee(s).  With respect to the Brokers, many of you whom read Foreclosurepedia realize that your own Networks have obviously been dropping the ball with respect to getting you critical information in a timely manner.  As Foreclosurepedia participates in an extremely diverse set of Circles, it may behoove you to speak with us back channel.  Finally, the Companies whom are out there that are interested in making a run at the re-procurements:  NOW IS THE TIME TO BEGIN!!!

If you are a Broker or Company with NO ties to the Old Guard Foreclosurepedia stands ready to move you to the Plate.  While we do not guarantee anything, we do bring an A Team of veteran contract writers, Industry Insiders and one hell of a Vendor Management Team whom have been let go by the Prime Vendors over the years to cut costs.  Our A Team puts you in the position to be able to assess whether or not the HUD M&M is viable and additionally if Awarded we connect you with the people necessary to both successfully pursue the HUD M&M and generate a healthy Return on Investment.  Did I forget to mention that we also have the database of seasoned, skilled and vetted Contractors in ALL 50 States and Territories of the United States?

The Game is changing folks.  The Old Guard’s habits of spinning up one after another Company to back door the HUD M&M is coming to an end.  HUD is sick of it.  Contractors are sick of it.  The American Public is sick of it!  Reach out today and let’s have a discussion.  The ONLY reason you cannot perform on the HUD M&M is because you didn’t pick up the phone — TODAY!  If you are a broker, let us team you with the Contractors whom will handle that sprucing that Safeguard Properties doesn’t have time for.  If you are a Contractor, let us team you with both the Brokers and Financial Institutions whom need Contractors with the DUNS and SAM Account they require!  If you are a Company whom wants to step out of the pre-conveyance garbage and into legitimate Federal Contracting, reach out TODAY!


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