HUD Awardees Begin To Show Their True Colors

Are Thomas And Lila Purdy Just Another National Order Mill?

Foreclosurepedia worked within the Mortgage Field Services Industry for years and during that time we had the opportunity to work directly for the prime vendors of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Those contracts were upon the Management and Marketing (M&M) Field Service Manager (FSM) offerings and included firms such as Pyramid, A2Z Field Services (A2ZFS), Cityside and PK Management. We worked as subs upon the AMS and CWIS offerings and after being defrauded out of roughly $42 on grass cuts, Foreclosurepedia, as a media outlet, was formed. Today, though, we are in a new setting. The understanding of federal law and discrimination, learned the hard way, set forth a landscape which was conducive to protecting Minority Females and Labor within the Mortgage Field Services Industry.

Today, though, it is quite apparent that many of the Small Businesses selected by HUD as Prime Vendors are not up to speed on the legality of the business world. Take Purdy Enterprise, for example. Earlier today, Foreclosurepedia wrote to both Purdy Enterprise and HUD about the below screenshot. Mandatory demands for both Workman’s Compensation and a complete disclosure of all professional affiliations.

Thomas and Lila Purdy, Purdy Enterprise, are demanding that you obtain Workman’s Compensation, regardless of whether or not you have a legal and state issued waiver. In fact, both Kentucky and Indiana allows for the Waiver and it is legally tracked by each state. Purdy Enterprise doesn’t care, though. Moreover, Workman’s Compensation IS NOT REQUIRED BY HUD for subcontractors. At no time whatsoever was Workman’s Compensation ever required when Foreclosurepedia worked upon HUD Contracts including the HUD M&M FSM 3.8 Award. Here is what HUD had to say,

The clause requiring Worker’s Comp is FAR 52.228-5, which is not included in our FSM contracts.  We require bonding, but do not have separate insurance requirements, as the contracts are predominantly Fixed-Price.  Generally, the contractors and subcontractors are required to abide by state and local laws.  Otherwise, it would be a contractor’s decision.

Before Foreclosurepedia reached out about these troubling issues, Thomas and Lila Purdy were demanding to know what organizations you belong to. That red asterisk, to the right of the demand in the picture above, stands for a Required Field, and is located here. They have backed off that requirement, while also refusing to answer our email. So, Purdy Enterprise got a free pass; however, it is troublesome. I want to be real clear on a point here, the demand to release all professional organization memberships smacks of McCarthyism. I also submit that it violates the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution of the United States. The more concerning issue is that Purdy Enterprise would ever not have oversight upon their work product. Many will state, What is the big deal? Well, when a nearly $100 Million federal contract awardee is capable of issuing demands, with absolutely zero oversight, it can prove to be disastrous for Minority Females and Labor immediately.

If this was an honest mistake, why did Purdy Enterprise refuse to answer an innocuous question when we asked him? Are they poised to use your Membership in Religious and Labor Organizations against you? Will you be allowed to work upon HUD Contracts if you are a Catholic and a Member of the Knights of Columbus or a Jew and a Member of JCCA? Or, how about if you are a Muslim and a Member of the Muslim Urban Professionals? Does Purdy Enterprise have the intention of ensuring that only National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Members get the work? Or, will Thomas and Lila Purdy say any pro Labor Members of the International Association of Field Service Technicians (IAFST) be denied work?!

We have witnessed Altisource using a Do Not Use list with the support and consent of Eric Miller, the Executive Director of NAMFS and the NAMFS Board of Directors meeting in Special Session. In fact, when a NAMFS Member brought this fact up to Miller and then listed whom he worked for, his firm lost that work, as well. So, as Purdy Enterprise refuses to answer even basic emails, should Minority Females and Labor trust Thomas to be forthcoming with they?!

Purdy Enterprise Claims To Control South Carolina And Labor Disagrees

There is an uneasy feeling about Purdy Enterprise with respect to whether or not they even were competent enough to have ever been awarded a Contract. Basic mistakes continue to abound which are not indicative of a firm whom truly understood the length and breadth of that which they were entering into. For example, Purdy Enterprise continues to push the agenda that he runs the entire state of North Carolina and covers Georgia along with all of South Carolina. In fact, I question Purdy’s statement, “our network of over 500 service providers.” Let us though, for the moment, believe that Purdy Enterprise has 500 Service Providers signed up with him directly. How is Purdy Enterprise not running afoul of HUD and its legal requirement that neither the Prime Vendor nor Subcontractor may perform pre and post conveyance work? I mean is Purdy Enterprise lying or is their map false advertisement — we did reach out to the Federal Trade Commission for the definition of false advertisement.

Will Purdy Enterprise guarantee compliance with the Prompt Payment Act which the US Government requires? We don’t know. Will Purdy Enterprise guarantee that their databases will not be compromised by hackers and the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) contained therein be kept safe while Purdy Enterprise continues to figure out how to operate a simple WordPress website? We do not know that, as well. Really, we do not know anything about Purdy Enterprise other than the fact that they appear to have a coruscative luster to win over HUD Officials while refusing to address concerns of Labor.

I was asked, earlier today, if this was a witch hunt. It was a fair question. The answer is no. Anytime you have a small business absorbing a $100 Million contract and they refuse to speak with the media; anytime the media has to clean up their mess, as Foreclosurepedia did today, there are problems on the horizon for Minority Females and Labor. Foreclosurepedia is gravely concerned about Purdy Enterprise as Labor should be, as well. Foreclosurepedia has every intention of putting together a picketing campaign against Thomas and Lila Purdy and we will keep you in the loop about it and precisely what else that Lila Purdy owns.

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