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HUD 3.5: The March Of Corruption Continues

We are receiving word that the Protests against the Awards under the US Department of Housing and Urban Development‘s (HUD) Marketing and Management (M&M) 3.5 Asset Manager Contract — R-ATL-02006 — have been both consolidated and all turned down late Friday afternoon. Another 11th hour mandate by fiat just like the reawarding process when the US Government shut down.

The unredacted Rulings have been sent out by GAO to the respective lawyers; Protestors are not allowed to see anything until they are Published and never will see the unredacted versions. The GAO plans to publish only redacted copies which I’m told is very odd in these types of cases. One attorney stated that although GAO found a number of issues with the procurement and HUD, they “…can only uphold the award.” The GAO joined all the protest together and issued only one finding.

It is beyond the pale for the Obama Administration to conduct Commerce under the cloak of secrecy. President Barrack Obama’s promise of Transparency is ringing hollow. As many remember the HUD Office of General Counsel threatened Foreclosurepedia with Title 18 Provisions; Edward Snowden type litigation, for the display of a document which I believe showed truly how far up the food chain this corruption goes.

It is apparent to both myself and many others that Matt Martin Real Estate Management (MMREM) and BLB Resources have the fix in with HUD. My working theory always has been that these folks and others are heavy contributors to the Presidential Re Election Campaign Fund — any President which is in power to be specific.

With the potential of almost One Hundred Million dollars at stake, it is obvious why such great lengths are taken to control the dissemination of information. The Mortgage Field Services Industry vis-a-vis the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime will stop at nothing to ensure the liquidation of dignity and honor in Interstate Commerce.

This mess is destined for the Federal Claims Court. I presume that those whom go in that direction will then be able to compel information under subpoena. It is a good thing, really. If I were they, I would additionally subpoena Craig Karnes and Kevin Simpson as I honestly believe they will have far more information that has been publicly released to date.

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.



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