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Hedge Funds Searching For Contractors

The title kind of says it all. In a normal world, I could just put a link at the bottom to sign up and most contractors would begin building in the next week. The problem is that many folks in the Mortgage Field Services Industry think that Investor Remodels and New Home Construction is the same as US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requirements. They most assuredly are not. And that is a good thing. You see, in the MFS Industry, if you have a pulse, chances are that you will be hired. And when it comes to productivity, more time is wasted taking photos, filling out reports, and sitting on the phone than any other Industry I can think of. In the real world; on the Investor backed construction side, the reality is if your rigging is tight, you are going to make a lot of money.

Funding is not a problem. If you haven’t had a bankruptcy in the last 10 years; are not a card carrying terrorist; and are able to document your previous experience, you are going to be funded — up front. That is not a typo.

Many of the Investors that Foreclosurepedia deals with on a daily basis are looking for crews to build new homes in Ft Myers, Jacksonville, Orlando / Villages, Sarasota, and Tampa areas in Florida. They are also working in the Atlanta and Baltimore areas. They have prints available or you could bring your own. They are targeting 3/2 and 4/2 SFRs with 2 car garages. These are economy grade builds and in many cases lots are already available. If you are tired of the daily rat race with zero inventory available in the MFS Industry, why not hang your shingle on the Investor side? There has already been nearly $2 Billion set aside and other funds are already spinning up for the foreclosure rehab side coming next year.


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