Funding Available For Fix And Flip Projects

Funding Opens Up For Qualified Contractors

Over the past several weeks, Foreclosurepedia has begun to work directly with several hedge funds whom provide capital in the real estate sector. Many of the #ForeclosurepediaNation have ventured out to capitalize on the very skills that the Mortgage Field Services Industry raked them over the coals for. One of the things I am excited to talk about today is an interest in financing fix and flip projects in all 50 states and territories. That’s right! It is not a typo. And as most of you know, whom have attempted the process — even before COVID — it was a nightmare!

The recent flood of capital into the real estate sector has been like the collapse of Hoover Dam. Billions of dollars have been allocated for not only Investor purchasing of new home construction and rehab, but also for the financing of qualified fix and flippers.

Below is a brief form you may fill out to see if you may be eligible. If it looks like a deal Investors are interested in, they will reach out to you direct!

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