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Heather Berghorst: Yet Another Corporation Discovered

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime goes all out when it comes to fraud. Their disgraced former Secretary, Heather Berghorst is a sterling example. Berghorst went on a year long campaign of defrauding Contractors while spinning and cycling monies through a plethora of Companies and Corporations. Yorkshire Development LLC is yet another Company Berghorst has set up in her living room at 3578 138TH AVE HAMILTON MI. Here is the miOttawa Goverment Website documenting the latest scandal. Interestingly, it is the one which owns her now defunct Berghorst Enterprises office space at 593 HERITAGE COURT HOLLAND MICHIGAN. To prove the point that Foreclosurepedia is never going to give up on #OpBerghorst and #OpNAMFS take a look at the fact that Foreclosurepedia controls THE TOP LISTING ON PAGE ONE OF GOOGLE for the Search Term Heather Berghorst. #OpNAMFS will continue until every single Member of the NAMFS Regime whom is defrauding Contractors are bankrupt.

Berghorst has cut off all forms of communication with Clients whom are attempting to pay Contractors Sources stated speaking on condition of anonymity. Not that surprising, really. The reality is that as opposed to staring down a tremendous amount of backlash from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), wisdom would dictate that Heather Berghorst should be publicly forced into involuntary bankruptcy.

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services Regime has yet to publicly remove her from the Regime. As usual, Eric Miller and Adam Miles believe that they will be able to sustain the continued barrage from #OpNAMFS. With CFPB leaving no stone unturned and Contractors keying to this, I believe that the NAMFS Regime would be better served by sending a clear message that they will no longer allow Members to commit atrocities and remain in the National Association of Mortgage Field Services #NAMFS. Make no mistake whatsoever that at some point the towing of the party line becomes far too expensive to many Clients in asymmetrical and protracted conflicts.


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