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Hacktivism: Why The Mortgage Field Services Industry Should Give A Damn

When the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime decided to allow its Membership to execute wholesale slaughter upon both their own and Contractors, they crosses a line in the sand. The Architect of one of the most massive and illegal intrusions into the personal lives of everyone except NAMFS Regime Membership was Eric Miller. Many may remember Miller as the pudgy guy whom is awarded over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR AND CONSUMES MORE THAN SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL MEMBERSHIP DUES FINANCING HIS LIFESTYLE. Today, we are going to talk a little bit about this Nazi and his implementation of the most horrific atrocities committed against the US Constitution since the World War II.

When you are a sole proprietor, there is no Company and by signing below you are giving written authorization and instructions to Aspen Grove, Inc. to obtain and to retain the described “consumer report.”


The Company plans to obtain information about you for employment purposes from a third party consumer reporting agency. This means you will be the subject of a “consumer report” which may include information about your criminal history, social security verification, and/or other background checks. The Company plans to use Aspen Grove, Inc., doing business as Aspen Grove Solutions, as its agent to help the Company obtain and to retain consumer reports.

Your written authorization and consent allows the Company and/or Aspen Grove Solutions to obtain and to retain, to the extent permitted by law, from any outside organization, criminal background checks and other consumer reports – except not credit reports or, but for California, investigative consumer reports – now and into the future as long as you are employed on any basis by the Company.


By signing below, you acknowledge receipt of this disclosure and of the Summary of Rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and any related state summary of rights required by law.  You acknowledge that you have read these documents, have had an opportunity to ask questions, and understand the documents. You authorize the Company, and/or Aspen Grove Solutions to obtain and to retain criminal background checks and other report information about you any time after you give this consent and as long as you are employed on any basis by the Company.  If the Company is a sole proprietorship, your authorization and consent continues until you provide written notice to Aspen Grove Solutions that your consent is terminated.  To this end, you authorize, without reservation, any law enforcement agency, administrator, state or federal agency, institution, school or university (public or private), information service bureau, employer, or insurance company to furnish any and all background information requested by: First Advantage P.O. Box 105292 Atlanta, GA 30348, 1-800-845-6004, whose privacy policy can be reviewed at; another outside organization acting on behalf of the Company or Aspen Grove Solutions; and/or the Company or Aspen Grove Solutions directly.

To make life easier, I highlighted the portion of the new Gestapo Regulations put into place by the NAMFS Regime vis-a-vis their Commandant Herr Miller. Many may feel that my illustrations of Nazi Gestapo Jack Booted Thugs is over the top. I do not. When Adolf Hitler rose to power he began to identify segments of society whom he targeted. The Jews were not the original group either. What Hitler needed to know was whom did what; what their belief systems were; how much money did they have; how long would they live — he had to have a good labor force initially; whom was smart and whom was stupid; and whom believed in God.

When you drill down on Nazi Gestapo Herr Miller’s opus magnum; Herr Miller’s Foreign National Compact with Aspen Grove, you find striking similarities to Nazi Germany.

Let’s talk about Insurance first. Make no mistake that Naziesque lawyers wrote this document. I hate lawyers and make no bones about it. The POX upon them and their children! Our Founding Fathers warned us about these scourge and specifically prohibited them from even holding office while still practicing law. Now, the document could have stated a General Liability Insurance inquiry, but it didn’t. They want to know your current state of health so that when you grow older and realize that years of being around lead, mold, chlorine and asbestos isn’t going to prolong your life, they will be able to nefariously construct defenses against such. These Nazis want to know about your sexual lifestyle. If they can find an angle against you to use against your family or others to silence you during litigation, make no mistake whatsoever these cowards will do it. The irony is that those of you whom sign the Aspen Grove Document give them that right.

It boggles the mind why Herr Miller and the rest of his Nazi Regime have a need to check your educational background. Seems to me that perhaps they want a gentrified work force — no coloreds allowed as I once heard it put on a phone call I was listening in on. Is the intent of Herr Miller and the rest of his Jack Booted NAMFS Regime Members to begin to deny employment to those whom went to inner city schools; perhaps Herr Miller feels that those whom did not come from the suburbs might be more prone to criminal activities?!

Information Service Bureau. Jesus Fing Christ! Whose fucking shit was this? Are we talking about the Silk Road here? Perhaps Herr Miller is going to reach out to what I believe is the active involvement of Organized Crime within the NAMFS Regime? You do this for the Family shit like Amir Jaffa, Safeguard Properties Chief Executive Officer (CEO) was on tape calling their Crew? Odd, as I never would have pegged Jaffa and Klein for supporting this type of Nazi shit, but hey!

The Information Service Bureau. You want to talk about Gestapo, let me walk you through how it plays out: “Let’s see here Mr Weinstein, looks like you have been on Instagram posting pictures of children … Oh, it doesn’t matter if that is your grandson, it is considered pedophilia. Ah, yes, the ordering of a bra via Paypal and delivering it to a different address … What’s that you say, your wife is in a nursing home and it was for her? Yeah, right Weinstein. Oh, the four cases of Manischewitz wine and what was that for again? Purim? A festival where you are to become so drunk that you do not know the difference between the name Haman from Mordechai? No, Weinstein, this is alcoholism.”

Sounding distinctly like A2Z Field Service‘s Dry Run on the Kicking in of Contractor’s Homes and riffling through the panties drawer we reported upon?!

Administrator. Yeah, I love this one. Pretty ambiguous here. A Pastor is the Administrator of a Church. An Internet Service Provider (ISP) is the Administrator of a Network. Let’s look at that for a moment,

“So, Weinstein we spoke with Facebook, Verizon and AT&T. The ADMINISTRATORS there were kind enough to give us your Logs. Looks like an obsession with pornography. What’s that? You aren’t at the office during the day only the staff are? Oh, Weinstein do you expect us to believe that the staff would be accessing the Internet for anything other than business? See your signature here? Yes, Section 1453 Subsection R Item 14(a)? Yes, right there on Page 14,509. See, you agreed to ensure that your Network was both protected and would not allow such nefarious activities to take place on machines which housed our Client’s data. More troubling, though, is that you see this Electronic Serial Number? Yes, that one. It appears on multiple IP Addresses. Oh, you allow your Crews to take a laptop and cell phone into the field? Well, Weinstein, you know that is illegal. I understand we require the uploads via smartphone, but you see your Crews also used the phones for other things.”

Now, those of you in the Drive By Social Media may believe that I am insane — you unwisely believed it in the past. Remember the predictions of Consolidation? Remember the fraud by Boyd, Berghorst, et al.? Remember the very predictions of Aspen Grove and the rapid timeline of not only Background Checks, but the requirements that EVERYTHING flow through these Foreign Nationals?

When the Government turns its back upon the very citizenry that support it financially; when a Government turns a blind eye to the graft and corruption of Corporation State Actors, its citizenry have a legitimate reason to Petition For Redress of Grievance.

That is precisely what these Nazi Gestapo Jack Booted Thugs would like you to do. File a lawsuit. Here is the reality: I cannot think of a SINGLE NATIONAL PRESERVATION SERVICER WHOM IS BASED OUT OF THE UNITED STATES! Klein – Jaffa and Safeguard Properties aside as Klein is a European Jew and Safeguard Properties are on the down slope of what he has reaped and pending Federal Racketeering, where are you going to file suit?! The Hague? Get fucking real.

There are those, though, whom are quite pissed off at the genesis of this nasty business. While I am not supportive of illegal activities, the reality is that I am quite supportive of Anonymous. The further reality is that I am NOT my brother’s keeper!

When I go through the emails and Comments I get on a daily basis; when I look at outfits like Buczek Enterprises still refusing to pay Contractors because they got fucked by another NAMFS Regime Member National Field Network — a Jaffa Brothers Production — I begin to have less and less compassion for these slime bags. Now, Buczek refuses to comment and National Field Network remains mum, but I have enough emails to withstand litigation and actually WELCOME IT as the Discovery Process would hold out these Nazi types for precisely the scum that they are.

If Anonymous found it in their collective hive minds to bring transparency to this Industry I would think no more about it than I would passing salt at the dinner table. While many would classify this as a #moralfag issue, I believe that when the sanitizing power of sunlight is exposed upon the illicit inter connections of the Toranos et al., many would wake up and smell the coffee. Cousins make interesting bedfellows to say the least.

More on point, though, we are talking about the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in Insurance Fraud alleged against firms like Five Brothers and US Bank by Contractors. What do you think drives up Insurance Premiums?! Come to think of it, wasn’t their subsidiary ForeRunner hacked recently?!

Anonymous has a vested interest in the treachery ongoing within the Mortgage Field Services Industry. When Corporations have become so out of control that the US Government is even afraid to regulate them, then that poses a clear and present danger to everyone. When nameless committees may meet in back rooms fondling each other over a glass of Merlot and determine whom may or may not work based upon education, religion and medical conditions this is Nazi Germany revisited.

The ability to show the American Public the true financial solvency of these firms is paramount. I have shown time and again that many roll up the carpet when they cannot pay. Heather Berghorst is a prime example in how she began to put Contractors on a Payment Plan. Altisource‘s supporting of her and Cheap Suit Jay; Vendor Resource Management‘s support of Carol Boyd on VA Contracts are also sterling case in points of a systemic corruption at all levels.

Anonymous has the ability to expose corruption in a most unique way. Their ability to rally social media attention upon those in Society whom destroy lives with impunity is something that not only do I respect, but admire! How they accomplish their mission is up for debate. Some say it is illegal and unethical; I say that Anonymous would have been welcomed by the Jews in Nazi Germany had they been able to expose Bayer’s Contract to Supply Zyclon B.

With Eric Miller’s Death Camp Industry attempting to clean up its appearance at the cost of Contractors, I have little empathy for he or any of his other Nazi Death Camp Firms. The reality is that he has fattened up on the Labor of Contractors and then sold his very own people down the river.

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