Sun Feb 5 3:28:11 EST 2023
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Guild Registration

So, we’ve been getting relevant entries made on the Site entered. Over the next several days we will begin transmitting Login Information so that folks are able to go in and populate their Forms. These Forms are both Confidential and not accessible by members of the General Public. All Members have the ability to see each others information as we want to foster the ability for intra-Contractor work exchange; we ensure that whomever is a Member has been COMPLETELY cleared at multiple levels!

Additionally, several Clients have now voiced an interest in looking at our data for direct hiring. This is a good thing. All we ask of our Members is that they allow NPPG to follow up monthly with a simple Survey so that we may begin to measure both Contractor and Client Metrics. This is to establish the fact that we are serious about withholding both the good and the bad to the Public in a Quarterly Report. No identifiable data will EVER be in these Reports; however, it will allow Clients to better place faith into our System.

If you do not see a Marker established on the map at the National Property Preservation Guild website, contact us and we will get you set up!

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